Tune-up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS

Optimize Your Database in the Cloud

Tune your PostgreSQL database when using Amazon RDS


Tune-up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS


Is your cloud instance of PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS tuned for your workload?

Are you running PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS? Default RDS for PostgreSQL database configuration settings typically require adjustment to be in accordance with Postgres best practices and suitable for your use case. Not sure if your instance of PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS is tuned for your requirements? We can help.


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Solve your need for performance improvement, database size issues, memory consumption, locking, and more. Our team of trained and certified Postgres experts have broad and deep experience serving organizations across all sizes and industries.




Tune-up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS



Tune-Up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS                                                            
Pre- and Post-Deployment Performance Optimization Available


Get pre- and post-deployment performance optimization for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS with the EnterpriseDB®️ Tune-Up Service.  Our expert consultants will remotely evaluate your environment, review your PostgreSQL database parameters, and can adjust them according to your workload and use case. We will guide you on using the proper instance type and server size to meet your current needs for cost and performance, and help you plan for the future.



Tune-up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS


Which Two Are Right For You?

The Tune-Up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS is a 3-Day service. Select up to two topics from the list below, for each 3-day block of tuning services purchased. Our team will work with you to understand your specific use case and will provide documented recommendations to tune up your PostgreSQL database. Additional topics may be reviewed if time allows.

  • Review index usage and efficiency
  • Improve query performance with query optimization guidance
  • Tuning of database parameters and settings
  • Evaluate spike in database size or memory consumption
  • Review instance type and instance sizing for the right fit based on use and workload
  • Connection pooling best practices
  • Review and adjust database security settings
  • Guidance on disaster recovery planning
  • Guidance on monitoring and alerting
  • Recommendations and best practices for major version upgrade
  • Best practices for high availability
  • Best practices for read scalability


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Tune-up Service for PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS


Give Us Little. We’ll Give You Our Best.

EnterpriseDB (EDB) is committed to helping you achieve success developing and deploying Postgres solutions. We only need the following items completed in order to get started.


  • POINT OF CONTACT: We want to partner with your team. We request that you assign a System Administrator(s) and Database Administrator(s) to assist during the services engagement.
  • TECHNICAL PREREQUISITES: This is a remote service, and access to your organization’s environment is required. This access must be established prior to the consultant beginning the service.  Work can be performed on-site on your premises. Additional T&E will apply.

EDB is ready to help you tune up your PostgreSQL database when using Amazon RDS — so you can optimize your workload in the cloud. Request a quote or call your account executive.


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