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This blog was co-written by Jason Davis. EnterpriseDB is about to release an update to the Connectors for Postgres and EDB Postgres. The update will include some new capabilities in the JDBC driver to support connection failover. Connection failover provides automatic and robust failover for Java...Read more
Middleware doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Considered the glue that holds together the more complex and more business-critical components in the software stack, middleware is often installed and forgotten. But middleware can have significant impact on the operation and performance in the...Read more
Middleware can have a significant impact on the operation and performance of the database system. Pgpool II is the middleware product that sits between the PostgreSQL server and database clients and is developed and maintained by a committed open source Postgres community that includes EnterpriseDB...Read more
The EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Tool development team is super busy developing features for the next major release and I wanted to give everyone a sneak peek into the exciting new capabilities to be delivered as part of BART 2.2. The last major release of BART was published in June 2017 and we...Read more
This blog was co-authored by Abbas Butt The research and development team in EnterpriseDB has been working hard in recent months on a solution for XA compatibility. The goal is to make our database, Postgres Plus Advanced Server compatible with the XA standard so it works with commercially...Read more
The EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) is an administrative utility providing simplified backup and recovery management for multiple local or remote Postgres Plus Advanced Server and PostgreSQL database servers. Managing backups of your important business data and the speedy recovery of your data...Read more
Data retention has become a greater challenge for database administrators as volumes have exploded with new digital applications and data from mobile, web, and machine sources. The sheer volume of data can limit the number of backups DBAs can perform, increasing the importance of creating defined...Read more
Backup strategies are critical to enterprise data management, but the time, storage, and management requirements pose a host of challenges. Because companies are managing huge volumes of data, which continue to grow daily, the amount of time and storage required for backup processes can hinder...Read more
This blog was co-written by Ibrar Ahmed. Advances in Postgres in recent releases have opened up opportunities for expanding features that support data integration. The most compelling of these new features are called Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs). FDWs essentially act as a pipeline for data to move...Read more
This blog was co-written by Ibrar Ahmed. Postgres provides a powerful feature called Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW), which enables DBAs to use the system as a single integration point to read, analyze and write to data from many remote data stores. Developers working in C can create new FDWs using the...Read more
EnterpriseDB ® (EDB™) has certified the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server database for the Hortonworks Data Platform. The certification ultimately will provide organizations with a powerful solution for combining data stored in Hadoop clusters with their transactional information. This seamless view of...Read more
We encounter some confusion around which versions of EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) are supported with which version of our database server, EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS). This calls for publishing a BART support matrix to describe the BART/Database server version support as...Read more