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Backup strategies are critical to enterprise data management, but the time, storage, and management requirements pose a host of challenges. Because companies are...More

EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) has certified the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server database for the Hortonworks Data Platform. The certification ultimately will...More

Middleware doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Considered the glue that holds together the more complex and more business-critical components in the software stack,...More

The EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) is an administrative utility providing simplified backup and recovery management for multiple local or remote Postgres Plus Advanced Server and PostgreSQL database servers. Managing backups of your important business data and the speedy recovery of your...More

This blog was co-written by Jason Davis.

EnterpriseDB is about to release an update to the Connectors for Postgres and EDB Postgres. The update will include some new capabilities in the JDBC driver to support connection failover.

Connection failover provides automatic and...More