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Richard is a Senior Support Engineer at EnterpriseDB and supports the entire suite of EnterpriseDB's products. Prior to joining EnterpriseDB, Richard worked as a database engineer and web developer, functioning primarily in operations with a focus on scalability, performance, and recoverability. He has a broad range of knowledge in a number of technologies, and most recently has been involved in developing tools for rapid-deployment of EDB Postgres Advanced Server in Docker containers.  Richard is an EnterpriseDB Certified PostgreSQL Professional.

This article is about using pg_stop_backup() when setting up Streaming Replication. It is not an article about backup/restore methodology or policy. Introduction In a recent support case, I came across a customer who used a clever way to create streaming replication base backups–by taking a Google...Read more
EnterpriseDB ® (EDB™) works with a significant number of global brands that deploy EDB Postgres to support complex business-critical workloads. Some of these brands experienced a dramatic drop-offs in performance as they dialed-up the concurrency in their load tests. This was a mystery for these...Read more
I recently got a few support cases from customers seeking to connect Postgres with LDAP (usually with some form of SSL/TLS encryption, to ensure security). I spent a bit of time trying to create a consistently reproducible environment where LDAP could be used to authenticate PostgreSQL connections...Read more
Postgres supports a variety of data types that allow data architects to store their data consistently, enforce constraints through validation, maximize performance, and maximize space. Recently, I was asked to show someone how to store a UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) into Postgres by way of...Read more