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Insights into the PostgreSQL industry from EDB and third-party analysts

The ABC's of Innovation

Automation, Big Data, Cloud and Containers. Discover how contemporary IT leaders are using the ABC’s of innovation to build smarter, more productive businesses.

451 Research: EnterpriseDB sees PostgreSQL everywhere, especially in the cloud

Industry analyst firm, 451 Research, issued this report providing an overview of EnterpriseDB, its history and recent product news including the EDB Postgres Migration Portal, EDB Postgres Ark DBaaS and Postgres Enterprise Manager.

6 Things Database Administrators Should Know About GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect the way your organization collects and processes customer data in Europe. The GDPR regulation is comprised of 99 articles, and this EDB Tech Guide will focus on six specific articles that are relevant to most DBAs. We'll

Infographic: EDB Postgres Advanced Server - Advantages for Oracle Users

EDB Postgres Advanced Server is based on PostgreSQL, and includes compatibility with Oracle, designed to mitigate technical and integration risks and diminish potential skill gaps. This compatibility enables organizations with Oracle skills to get to a delivered solution built on EDB Postgres more

Infographic: The Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutions

Download this Infographic to view an informative executive summary of the findings of the IDC whitepaper - The Economic and Business Advantages of EnterpriseDB Postgres Database Solutions. Then download the complete IDC white paper to learn more.

The Digital Race Is On

In this eBook, The Digital Race Is On, EnterpriseDB explores how enterprises adapt to digitalization. Learn how to choose the right digital platform to achieve digital leadership, how to bridge existing IT with digital technology, and what challenges you will encounter. Click here to read the full

The Economic and Business Advantages of EDB Postgres Database Solutions

Read the IDC whitepaper, sponsored by EDB - The Economic and Business Advantages of EnterpriseDB Postgres Database Solutions, and learn how IDC’s study determined that the three-year return on investment (ROI) for the EDB Postgres platform is 168%. In addition, the study found that with the EDB

Avoiding High Oracle DBMS Costs with EDB Postgres

Although the most sensitive layer of the infrastructure stack, the database layer has the potential for the greatest cost savings and strategic advantages. For example, one Oracle license alone lists at $47,500 per processor core (without any add-on features) with annual operating expenses equal to

Which Postgres is Right for Me?

This paper examines four enterprise adoption strategies (and associated risk factors) for Postgres, and provides guidance to help readers develop an informed adoption playbook. The four strategies are analyzed for PROs and CONs across seven software adoption risk factors: Capabilities, Roadmap

IBM Power Systems Solution for EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server

This white paper demonstrates the benefit of EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server database on IBM Power Systems running Linux servers when compared to a similar configuration using the Intel Xeon processor-based system.

Using the NoSQL Features in Postgres

This paper reviews and illustrates Postgres’ NoSQL capabilities in the context of Postgres’ robust relational competencies. The paper also describes performance tests that demonstrate that Postgres, the leading open source relational database solution, is a superior platform for handling most NoSQL

Clearing Postgres Misconceptions Among SQL Server Users

Advances in technology and increased enterprise momentum have generated more and more queries from Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server users exploring PostgreSQL (also known simply as Postgres) for their database needs. Microsoft SQL Server users in particular have been very active in 2014, possibly due to

Postgres Advances to Meet NoSQL Challenges

Most Postgres users don't need NoSQL. With new features and capabilities alongside several longstanding components and extensions, Postgres can support virtually all of today’s data types as well as unstructured and semi-structured data. This means Postgres can power many applications written for

Optimizing Open Source DBMS and DBaaS for Digital Business

This white paper discusses many of the database-related pressures faced by IT managers today with regard to usage and costs. It reviews how every IT organization can find a class of applications for open source database adoption, and then use that experience to determine how wide and deep their open

Effectively Managing Postgres in the Enterprise

Research shows the typical DBA is responsible for an average of 35 databases with the trend only moving upward. Recognizing this issue, EnterpriseDB has introduced the first enterprise-architected management tool for DBAs who are looking to widely adopt Postgres in their enterprise and desire the

Why Use xDB Replication Server from EnterpriseDB

The use cases of replication can be many, however the core reasons that replication is used are the following: simple backup, sharded or read scale-out architecture, business intelligence / reporting, and simple high availability. This paper provides an overview of EnterpriseDB’s xDB Replication