Offload Oracle® and SQL Server® reporting data to Postgres Plus to increase OLTP and Query performance while lowering costs.



Growth Is Healthy, Slow Performance Isn’t

Database growth occurs for many good reasons. Data is being retained longer for compliance and improved customer relationships. Modern data formats like sound, image, video, and location also add data. Complicating the growth is more people wanting more access more often to the data for reporting, data mining, business intelligence tasks, and other purposeful tasks. The eventual result is slower overall response times that negatively affect your business. But that isn’t the end of the story as there are effective solutions to slow performance due to this predictable growth.

  • Save money on license fees!
  • Improve OLTP and Reporting performance!
  • Escape vendor lock-in!

Download the xDB Replication Server data sheet here.

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Product Highlights

Improve OLTP & Report Performance

Replicate key data from your main OLTP server to a low cost reporting server improving performance for both! Flexible Configurations Setup publication and subscription services on a single server or distribute the modules to reduce your infrastructure's points of failure. Easy to Use GUI and CLI Tools Choose a graphical console or the command line to manage all aspects of replication from definition to filtering to scheduling or viewing history. And its Cloud Ready.

Frequently asked questions...

A graphical console makes setting up publications and subscriptions, filtering replication data, creating schedules, and view history a snap!

Powerful Replication Features

  • Replicate Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server data to Postgres Plus
  • Trigger based Transactional replication
  • Distributed multi-Publication / Subscription Architecture
  • Synchronize data across geographies
  • Snapshot and continuous modes
  • Replicate one or more tables
  • Define and apply row filters
  • Flexible replication scheduler
  • Supports cascading replication
  • Replication History Viewer
  • Graphical Replication Console and CLI

How do I try the current generally available xDB Replication Server?

xDB Replication Server is available through StackBuilder in the PostgreSQL One-click installer and can be purchased in the Solution Pack subscription. Click here to Download PostgreSQL and try xDB Replication Server!

What can replicating Oracle data to Postgres Plus do for you?

  • Increase your OLTP Performance - By replicating data to a report server you remove read only loads from your main transaction server boosting response times.
  • Increase Reporting Performance - Utilizing a dedicated reporting server means your reports no longer have to compete for machine resources with high priority business transactions.
  • Reduce your Licensing Costs - A high performance Postgres Plus report server is a fraction of the cost of an Oracle report server without compromising features and performance.
  • Customized Replication Solutions - Set up a variety of configurations and options including a distributed cascading replication system with unattended operation on a schedule you define for only the subsets of data you need.

Make the Move into the Cloud

Are you already using a virtualized database infrastructure? xDB Replication Server fits. Planning to use a cloud system? Go ahead and evolve confidently with xDB Replication Server.