Release Radar: EDB BigAnimal is Certified By the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC)

March 03, 2023

EDB is pleased to announce that EDB BigAnimal, our fully managed database-as-a-service offering, is now certified by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC)

As a cloud database provider, we know our customers demand a trusted partner when they move their data to the cloud. EDB BigAnimal’s PCI certification is part of our commitment to meeting our customer’s security and compliance needs.

Now that BigAnimal is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider, customers who use BigAnimal can take advantage of BigAnimal’s PCI certification to streamline their own PCI certification processes.


What is PCI?

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is a global forum of payment industry stakeholders that formed to “enhance global payment account data security by developing standards and supporting services that drive education, awareness, and effective implementation by stakeholders.” As part of that mission, they define minimum security standards to protect an individual’s payment information.

Becoming PCI certified requires a rigorous audit and assessment by a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). The process requires a significant investment of time and effort across a number of teams within an organization. Annual assessments are then conducted to ensure that the controls remain in place. The controls cover a broad range of security best practices across areas like network security, system hardening and scanning, secure development, configuration controls, access controls, logging and monitoring.


EDB BigAnimal. Security you can trust

EDB continues to deliver on the key security features, compliance tools, and industry certifications that are most important to our customers. In addition to PCI, EDB BigAnimal is SOC 2 certified and maintains compliance with data privacy requirements, including GDPR. BigAnimal also provides critical security features such as data isolation, granular access through role-based access control and cluster-level permissions, encryption in-transit and at-rest and audit logging both in the EDB BigAnimal portal and individual databases. 

More detailed information on our overall security posture is available in our documentation.


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