Webinar Recap: Keep Your Business-Critical Apps Always On with EDB BigAnimal Geo-Distributed Postgres in the Cloud

January 22, 2024

Today, modern businesses are increasingly deploying applications in the cloud, including open source Postgres databases, because it offers flexibility, reliability and agility. Running EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal now provides unsurpassed high availability for your Postgres applications in the cloud.

EDB’s recent webinar, “Geo-Distributed Databases and Disaster Recovery for Postgres in the Cloud with BigAnimal,” walks through these new capabilities and how to take advantage of them. Natalia Wojcik, Senior Product Manager, joined Aaron Sonntag, Senior Software Development Engineer, to show how easy it is to deploy BigAnimal, including a demo and technical overview of how you can take advantage of it.

What are the benefits of running EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal for developers?

With EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal, you get a 99.995% uptime SLA on your choice of cloud infrastructure and regions. Deploy applications how, when and where you want to by taking advantage of geo-distributed (active/active) configurations, multi-region, always-on architectures that ensure your disaster recovery (DR) solution is continually operational and advanced durability options to control replication lag.

EDB provides the depth of Postgres experience you need to focus on innovation, rather than figuring out how to deploy and configure the database. BigAnimal also lets you choose the best cloud provider for your application, whether that’s Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud. And because BigAnimal provides compatibility with Oracle, it’s easier for you to migrate workloads into a distributed, high availability database without needing to rewrite applications or retrain employees, which can help you reduce costs, increase your flexibility, minimize risk and even improve the performance of your applications. 

5 key features of EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal

1) Disaster recovery without a heavy lift

BigAnimal provides DR without requiring you to spin up infrastructure separately to enable it. You don’t have to worry about failing over and risking downtime. Using BigAnimal, you can choose a multi-region deployment with an active-active database architecture. If a disaster occurs, you can simply repoint the queries and write to the node that is still available. 

2) Geo-distributed architectures across multiple regions

Using BigAnimal, you can deploy a multi-region cluster, which means the same database can be in two regions at the same time. Using this deployment model, neither team has to write and store data across the globe. With EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal, you always have built-in survivability and instant application switchover.

3) Improved application performance

Geo-distributed architectures directly improve application performance. By writing directly to the database closest to them, each team gets the same level of application performance, minimizing or eliminating any potential latency or lag associated with writing data to distant regions.

4) Simplify compliance with data sovereignty, localization and residency requirements

Using EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal, you can use selective replication, which allows you to enable replication at the schema, table, and transaction level. In this way, you can choose what level you need to replicate, then store the data where it needs to be. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require strong rules regarding data privacy and protection for citizens and residents in the European Union. Other countries, states and even cities have their own specific guidelines regarding where data is collected, stored, used and processed. Failure to comply with such regulations can result in financial penalties and reputational damage.

EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal allows you to simplify regulatory compliance by implementing controls in multi-region clusters to replicate data selectively where necessary.

5) Maintain data integrity and continuity

When seeking to release updated applications using a blue-green deployment model, one challenge organizations tend to face is when they have the application in a single region or location. It’s easy to apply blue-green techniques to the application stack using multiple availability zones (AZs), but if there is a single endpoint for your database, it’s hard to make the schema changes frequently associated with the application evolution. BigAnimal enables you to implement Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) changes on one site in support of your new deployment. You can easily upgrade in one location and then shift traffic to another, so your final rollout to production has minimal impact. It also makes it easy for you to pull back to the original application if any problems with the new application arise.

Enable advanced database capabilities with BigAnimal

More often than we’d like, we talk to customers who haven’t tested their disaster recovery solution or are reluctant to fail over to the DR in case something goes wrong. EDB Postgres Distributed on BigAnimal removes the barriers to accessing advanced disaster recovery and geo-distributed databases. You can quickly deploy a cluster in multiple regions, enabling more advanced application implementation on the best cloud provider or providers for each app, making it easy to ensure that your applications are always available, consistent and scalable.
Want to learn more about deploying geo-distributed databases and enabling simple disaster recovery? Check out the full webinar on our website!

To see what cloud Postgres is truly capable of, test drive EDB BigAnimal, our fully managed Postgres database.


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