The Cloud Has Come to a Database Near You

October 01, 2014

Cloud database services have been around for years, but have mostly been limited to test and development environments. However, organizations are now embracing databases in the cloud for a range of workloads, transforming the infrastructure landscape as cloud-based applications support more and more operational and specialized needs.

By many accounts, the database is poised for the strongest growth among cloud computing categories. Gartner’s Public Cloud Services, Worldwide, 2012-2018 projects that cloud database management systems will grow by 40.2 percent by 2018, more than all other cloud-based categories. In Ubuntu’s annual Server and Cloud Survey, 44 percent of respondents said the database was among the specific mission-critical services they had deployed in the public cloud. Another major research firm found that among services deployed in the public cloud, the relational database was the third-most identified as “crucial.” Needless to say, enterprises are rapidly embracing databases in the cloud for a range of workloads.

EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Cloud Database (PPCD) was developed to bring the power and robustness of the Postgres database to the cloud with scalability and high availability. More and more companies are using PPCD to support mission-critical workloads, including development and testing. Users range from Web businesses operating entirely in the cloud to major global enterprises. Enterprises can migrate workloads currently supported by more expensive Oracle licenses to Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced, with database compatibility for Oracle, to cut costs and gain greater flexibility. Oracle shops can use PPCD Advanced to take advantage of cloud scalability and elasticity for applications originally written to run on Oracle.

EnterpriseDB provides Postgres databases for on-premise and cloud use. When EnterpriseDB developed PPCD, it was a critical requirement that the same underlying Postgres databases operate the same way in all contexts. That allows applications and databases to be moved between on premise datacenters and the cloud without modification, while the cloud product also delivers the elasticity and scalability expected of cloud services. For maximum convenience and ease of setup, the cloud product includes automatic high availability and failover, backups, database read scale-out, autoscaling storage, support for Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud, and an easy-to-use management console.

The underlying design of the Cloud Database, purpose-built for the cloud, means PPCD can support a wide range of end users, workloads and operational models. Postgres support is a critical resource for both large and small companies who are pushing existing boundaries and building new solutions. The world’s largest provider of Postgres software, services, and support, EnterpriseDB is also the leading provider of Postgres support in the cloud.

Newcomers to EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Cloud Database can start with the pay-as-you-go products available in Amazon’s AWS marketplace. As customer’s use of the Cloud Database becomes more predictable, they can leverage subscription models thereby saving money, taking greater control over their PPCD deployments, and managing PPCD as an internal resource for long-term value.

Let EnterpriseDB help you start leveraging the many benefits of the cloud. Please visit our site for more information on how PPCD can help your organization incorporate a cloud database into its infrastructure, or contact us for more information.

Fred Dalrymple is Product Manager, Postgres Plus Cloud Database at EnterpriseDB.

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