EDB and Thales Partner to Bring Transparent Encryption to PostgreSQL

February 16, 2022

EDB and Thales are collaborating to bring you transparent encryption to secure the sensitive data at-rest within your PostgreSQL database and backups. Encryption is not currently a native feature within PostgreSQL. EDB has completed its certification of Thales CipherTrust Transparent Encryption (CTE) through the EDB Global Connect Technology Partner Program, making it easier for EDB and Thales to support customers, and address their security and compliance obstacles by using this integration.


Harness the power of PostgreSQL

This partnership allows our customers to take advantage of the power and reliability of PostgreSQL for highly-sensitive and regulated data, both on-premises and in the cloud, while meeting their compliance obligations. Many regulations and industry standards require that customers demonstrate control of their data, and, in some cases, ensure that data does not leave a specific geographic boundary.

These same regulations consider encryption a suitable tool for compliance by keeping customers in control of their data, and ensuring their data’s sovereignty. CipherTrust Transparent Encryption is certified with EDB Postgres Advanced Server (both standalone and as part of a Postgres-BDR cluster) with Barman for backup and restore capabilities. 

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption delivers data-at-rest encryption with centralized, external key management, privileged user access control, and detailed data access audit logging. Since encryption applies security directly to the data itself, customers’ data is protected no matter where it is located: on-premises, across multiple clouds, and within big data and container environments.

Policy-based access controls allow customers to separate duties according to job function and privilege, while access audit logs provide the proof a customer needs to demonstrate their data is secure. In short, CipherTrust Transparent Encryption greatly reduces risks to sensitive data, and bolsters customers’ ability to meet compliance and regulatory data security requirements.


Learn more

Those wishing to learn more about this integration can visit the Thales landing page in the Partner section of the website and the EDB Docs homepage, where we have published an implementation guide for CipherTrust Transparent Encryption. Visit their website for more information on Thales and CipherTrust Transparent Encryption. 

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