EDB BigAnimal: The Complete Postgres-as-a-Service Experience

May 16, 2023
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There’s a lot to consider when making decisions around hosting and managing your PostgreSQL instances. The life of a database administrator is complex, and day-to-day operations are always subject to risk, requiring high levels of monitoring, maintenance, and disaster prevention. To help with these processes, EDB created a fully managed database as a service experience called EDB BigAnimal—a solution to help enterprises feel entirely supported in their journey to migrating to PostgreSQL or hosting clusters.

EDB BigAnimal leverages PostgreSQL, a powerful, open source, object-relational database celebrated for its expansive range of supported features, consistency, and reliability. With this service, enterprises have a few select responsibilities, including selecting high availability mode, managing user credentials and cloud resource limits, and handling similar personalized aspects of database management. EDB takes care of the rest, freeing your developers to innovate with greater flexibility and ease of mind.

Meeting and exceeding your company or application goals becomes easy with a collaborative relationship with EDB, where we provide support or built-in solutions for whatever situation you’re in—whether there’s a need for database migration, performance optimization and tuning, disaster recovery planning, or any other kind of administrative task. We support your infrastructure through operational staff augmentation, with expert EDB Remote DBAs providing 24x7 monitoring and support. 

Both Community PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server are supported on EDB BigAnimal, for either the essential or enhanced Postgres experience. Users can deploy both on a single cloud service provider (CSP) and in parallel across multiple CSPs. Currently, AWS and Microsoft Azure are supported as platforms for EDB BigAnimal, with GCP coming soon.

EDB BigAnimal employs the same user interface, no matter where or how your infrastructure is deployed, meaning reduced dependency on learning individual CSP interfaces and systems. This makes it easier to leverage all the benefits of multi-cloud when using EDB BigAnimal, such as avoiding vendor lock-in, maintaining availability in the face of provider failure or service disruption, and optimizing costs and performance based on geographic location, distributed workloads, and vendor pricing. 

When using EDB BigAnimal as your platform for PostgreSQL database administration, EDB takes the reins and responsibility for many aspects of data management, including:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Meeting RTO / RPO requirements
  • Automated backup & recovery
  • Meeting Enterprise requirements
  • Enterprise management & monitoring

This is all provided out of the box, with up to 99.99% availability in disaster recovery scenarios offered as part of our SLA. In addition, with EDB Postgres Distributed on EDB BigAnimal you get increased application resiliency, with a multi-writer, geo-distributed architecture.

Extensive security protects, isolates, encrypts, and controls your data. All data in EDB BigAnimal is encrypted, whether in motion or in rest. Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2 or greater is used to secure network traffic where applicable, while AES with 256-bit keys is used to encrypt data at rest. Granular access control is possible using single-sign on (SSO) and role-based access control (RBAC) policies. Additionally, EDB BigAnimal ensures compliance with SOC2 Type I and II, PCI, service level GDPR, and more. You can read more about EDB BigAnimal’s security features in our documentation.

Using EDB Postgres Advanced Server over traditional PostgreSQL, the Postgres experience is enhanced for those who’ve decided to make the switch from Oracle to Postgres. Built-in Oracle compatibility and comprehensive migration tools make switching from Oracle to Postgres a seamless experience. 

EDB Postgres is designed to look, feel, and operate more like Oracle, meaning less refactoring of code and quicker turnaround. This compatibility enables you to run many applications written for Oracle in EDB Postgres with minimal to no changes. Several migration tools are also available to aid the process, such as a browser-based schema migration tool that assesses the complexity of migration projects and produces DDLs for use with EDB Postgres. All of this, combined with industry-leading services and support from EDB’s team, helps increase flexibility while easing the move to Postgres.

Since 2006, EDB has remained deeply committed to upstream technology, with our subject matter experts contributing more than 30% of PostgreSQL features to major releases. Because of this investment, there is deep technical understanding and expertise embedded in our BigAnimal solution. Whether you have unaddressed enterprise needs or operations are not running as expected, our staff of talented engineers can work with you to find a solution for your current situation. 


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