EDB Failover Manager 2.0 Improves Productivity of DBAs and the Availability of their Data Infrastructure

June 17, 2015

Contributed by Pierre Fricke

Database Administrators wrestle with a range of issues to keep the enterprise’s critical data infrastructure running well with virtually no downtime. Not only do they face issues of management and monitoring databases on a continuing basis, but DBAs must also ensure the database infrastructure’s ability to keep running in the event of failure. With high availability as such a critical requirement, DBAs need a robust solution to minimize their time managing the availability requirement.

Enter EDB Failover Manager

EDB Failover Manager from EnterpriseDB provides highly available fault tolerant database clusters that significantly reduce downtime and keep data available and online when a main database fails. Failover Manager provides the cluster monitoring, failure detection, and failover mechanisms that can be integrated into a variety of stringent 9s based high availability solutions.

Version 2.0 of EDB Failover Manager adds several features that improve uptime and reduce the time DBA’s must spend on high availability.  These include:

  1. Automatic failover delivers configurable failover for continuous business operations over LANs and WANs, expanding options for DBAs to maximize productivity and minimize outages.
  2. Support for monitoring and failover of more than two node clusters, including automatic reconfiguration of standbys to use new master after failover/promotion. This delivers greater flexibility for customers to deploy; allowing DBAs to choose a standby to promote based on replay location and user priority.
  3. User configurable fencing operation allows DBAs to customize failover actions to meet their specific needs, i.e. reconfigure a load balancer during failover. EDB Failover Manager 2.0 introduces the ability to run a second script after promotion.
  4. Witness node-based architecture (when deploying with greater than two nodes, witness node is optional because the third node acts as the witness) to prevent false failovers and split-brain scenarios. A split-brain scenario is where two nodes both think they are the master, which can lead to data corruption.
  5. Automatic notifications alert staff immediately to a failover situation and the current status, which improves productivity of DBAs and reduces downtime.

EDB Failover Manager represents a critical tool in the DBAs toolbox. It also means customers can rely on EnterpriseDB as a single source for development, distribution and support of their high availability needs. This eliminates having to build new solutions or seek out solutions from third parties and complicating overall software acquisition, management, documentation and support.

Visit EDB Failover Manager for more information or contact us.


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