EDB on the Road Talking Postgres, Of Course

September 06, 2019

Once again, we’ve got experts out on the road speaking with Postgres users. Here is where you can find us this month. We hope to see you in our travels to talk about all things Postgres.

PGConf Asia in Bali, Indonesia

We start at PGConf Asia in Bali, Indonesia on Monday, September 9 with a keynote by Bruce Momjian, co-founder and core team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and EDB senior database architect. His talk, The Democratization of Databases, will compare the structure of governments with open source projects. Democratic governments have a long history of success, with some setbacks. Those same democratic principles underpin the success of the open source relational database Postgres.

PostgresOpen in Orlando, Florida

Then, we move closer to our home base with a number of talks at PostgresOpen in Orlando, Florida, which takes place later that same week.

  • Containers and Databases training session by Steve Egolf, senior solutions engineer, on September 11 starts with an introduction to containers, orchestration, Kubernetes and Helm charts. Then, he'll dive into defining and deploying a container-based high-availability architecture and demonstrate the capabilities.
  • Postgres Takes Charge Around the World keynote address by Marc Linster, senior vice president of product development, looks at the tremendous ecosystem surrounding Postgres that continues to develop, and its impact on markets all over the world.
  • Amazing SQL! by Laetitia Avrot, senior database consultant, on September 12 provides a guide through the SQL standard and explains how to take advantage of its many features.
  • PostgreSQL’s IO Subsystem: Problems, Workarounds, Solutions by Andres Freund, senior database architect, on September 13 looks at a few problems – like hard to predict latency, IO throughput, and more – then reviews work in progress to improve those.
  • Meet NULL the Unknown by Laetitia Avrot, senior database consultant, on September 13 will first explain what's behind NULL in PostgreSQL, then cover how to improve query writing.

Postgres User Group Meetup in New York City

Our travels then take us to New York City for the Postgres User Group Meetup on Thursday, September 26 where Taylor Graham, a field CTO on our global services team, will discuss Zero-to-Hero: Running Postgres in Kubernetes. Taylor will provide an introduction of how to run Postgres with Kubernetes and containers, which help make apps more portable so they can be moved more easily – between different clouds and internal environments or laptop to laptop. He will explain how Kubernetes works and its StatefulSet workload API, along with techniques that can be used to utilize and automate containers.

The EDB team travels the world to share the story of Postgres Everywhere.



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