Exploring EDB SPL Check: A New Feature in EPAS 16

December 18, 2023

EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) has introduced a highly anticipated feature called EDB SPL Check in its 16th version. This extension is a boon for developers working with Stored Procedure Language (SPL) in the EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Here’s a quick dive into what EDB SPL Check offers and how it can transform your database management and development experience.

What is EDB SPL Check?
EDB SPL Check is a feature that helps detect errors in EDB stored procedures that might be overlooked by the standard CREATE PROCEDURE/FUNCTION command. The feature can be enabled using the following command: CREATE EXTENSION spl_check;

EDB SPL Check can operate in either active or passive mode. In active mode, it runs checks with API functions like spl_check_function, while in passive mode, functions are checked upon execution.

Why is SPL Check Important?

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