Harness the Full Potential of PostgreSQL in the Cloud with EDB 14 in BigAnimal

December 07, 2021

The BigAnimal team at EDB is excited to announce that both EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL 14 are generally available in the BigAnimal cloud offering. 

EDB 14 comes with a myriad of indexing, performance enhancements, and improved Oracle compatibility. Refer to our EDB 14 announcement to learn more. If you’re curious about what’s new in PostgreSQL 14 and EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14 and EDB’s contributions, check out our blog post.

Also feel free to read the PostgreSQL announcement and the release notes for a detailed list of what’s new. 

Helpful Links

Curious about using PostgreSQL 14 with BigAnimal? Here are a few helpful links:

About BigAnimal

BigAnimal is fully-managed PostgreSQL in the cloud from the database experts at EDB.

Unlike cloud generalists, which aim to offer a wide range of application and infrastructure services, EDB offers deep, responsive, and committed PostgreSQL expertise and support for our customers. EDB counts 32 contributors to PostgreSQL 14 and 300 PostgreSQL experts solving real world problems. 

EDB understands how important the database is to an organization’s applications and believes the database, itself, is important enough to have dedicated support. Plus, EDB can take the burden out of migrating from Oracle with deep compatibility and comprehensive tools.


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