Oracle Cloud and the EDB Postgres Alternative

March 22, 2019

These days, I have the good fortune of leading an amazing cluster of teams as the head of EnterpriseDB's Global Support Services. I talk to customers every day about who we are, what sets us apart, and how we can help to make you successful once you've dipped your feet in the Postgres world.

While a growing number of our freshman audience are organizations explicitly seeking the open source environment as their Brave New World, it's no secret that organizations often come to EDB for a path out of Oracle® databases—even if just to lower their dependency on a license which comes with a heavy cost.

What may come as a surprise to some is that we're now having that same conversation, but with a more recent factor in play: "How do I get out of Oracle Cloud?" The answer is the EDB Postgres™ Cloud Database Service (CDS), with a list of growing features and global presence.

For those trying to get out of Oracle Cloud, or those who feel that other Postgres solutions don't quite fit their company or identity, our EDB Postgres Cloud Database Service (CDS) is a complete managed service. We deliver enterprise-ready EDB Postgres clusters, using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud for compute, storage and network.

Administration of CDS is a breeze and we're expanding our capabilities continuously to allow for you to tune your database instances as you see fit. Whitelisting and port management are even part of the WYSIWYG experience of the first steps in your new cluster. We support versions 11 and 10 for both EDB Postgres and PostgreSQL, and we also provide maintenance releases continuously of both the database and operating system beneath. You decide when to upgrade, and we make it easy for you to do so.

“Do I need some special, proprietary connector that only you can provide?”

Well, no, but we definitely recommend using our connectors unless you’re determined otherwise. As part of the service, we provide our JDBC, ODBC and .NET connectors for you to get from the applications you need to the databases you rely on for your business. You can also use the standard connectors available in the community, but we do merge our stream with the community ODBC and JDBC connectors multiple times per year.

“So, what about Monitoring?”

We’ve got you covered. With CDS, you're able to use EDB's Postgres Enterprise Manager® to monitor your databases, as well as provide a live PL/SQL connection to the database for you to execute SQL statements - all of your data is at your fingertips. With our step-by-step guide, you can't miss.

If Postgres Enterprise Manager isn’t your preference, we don’t require it. You can just as easily establish a connection via a third-party client like pgAdmin or Quest’s Toad Edge database tool—which also happens to be tested for use on EDB Postgres Advanced Server by both EDB and Quest.

"Sure, that's great, but how do I know if my schema would even work?"

Great question. We wouldn't leave you alone on this path. EDB's Migration Portal allows you to load your schema painlessly, rendering feedback quickly for any changes if any are found. Our very own Marc Linster (our SVP of Product Development) shows us how easy it really can be in this demo.

If you aren't already familiar with EDB, our EDB Postgres Advanced Server has the heart of PostgreSQL (and some of the biggest development names in the PostgreSQL community) and a whole lot more under the hood. We’re built for Enterprise with the ability to natively understand and execute your PL/SQL without costly emulation or translation layers. We take away the heartburn of your application team and the impact to your DBAs. Refactoring and redefining your data types are no longer a necessary weight to carry on your shoulders when you make use of our features in Oracle compatibility. By the way, Advanced Server has far more features than I can do justice in a single post, so if you aren’t “EDB Savvy”, check out our overview here.

Now, the best part:

Our Migration Portal now integrates with CDS directly. You can port your schema directly to our cluster service—t3.small and t3.micro for a free trial, with many other options under our on-demand services available in the US and Europe.

EDB is the Enterprise Postgres Company and has been around well over a decade serving the needs of Postgres business users around the globe. Now, we're here to help you build a path from Oracle Cloud to EDB's Cloud Database Services. No catches, no hooks.

TL;DR - The Cloud Database Service from EDB Postgres™. Easy to explore, easy to test your schema, easy to use. Go ahead, give it a try today.


Keep an eye out for my posts; in two weeks, I'll talk a bit about our leading Technical Support, and how EDB differentiates itself from all competitors—not just in CDS, but in "Postgres Everywhere".

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