The Oracle SE2 Dilemma: Liberation or Consignation?

November 16, 2016

Contributed by Keith Alsheimer

Last November I wrote a blog, The Oracle SE2 Tea Party, about Oracle’s forced “upgrade” of its SE and SE1 customers to Oracle SE2 and the problems it causes for many Oracle users who have to either pay more for less performance or shift to new hardware infrastructure to be in compliance with the new license restrictions. Since that time, many readers have responded with their concerns about how this unwanted change is affecting their businesses. 

Some users report facing large cost increases due to the higher maintenance costs resulting from having to move from SE1 to SE2. Others wrestle with the requirement to reduce their hardware infrastructure from the 4 sockets per server allowed for SE licenses down to the “upgraded” maximum of 2 sockets per server allowed for SE2 licenses. Still others must contend with performance concerns due to the SE2 restriction of 1 socket per server with 8 CPU threads per instance when using Oracle RAC.

Whether you have similar concerns, or simply chafe at the unfairness of being forced to make this move without recourse, the looming August 31 deadline for termination of support of your SE1 or SE licenses may just be the opportunity you need to finally join the tens of thousands of enterprises that thrive using open source-based alternatives, and Postgres in particular.

If so, EDB Postgres Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) may be your simplest and best choice due to its built-in PL/SQL compatibility for Oracle databases. EDB is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader and for over 10 years has provided Fortune 500 companies, as well as government organizations, with an open source-based Oracle alternative. In most cases, applications can be migrated easily using the EDB Migration Toolkit, allowing you to make a fast, low-risk transition while still enabling your Oracle DBAs and developers to continue using their existing skills. You do not have to worry about lock-in or other forms of questionable business tactics with EDB software. You get the full EDB Postgres Platform (all bells and whistles included) for a low annual subscription rate and no up-front license fees or other penalties.

EDB is offering a limited-time promotion for existing Oracle SE users, so check with EDB if you’re thinking of liberating soon.

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