Parallelism in PostgreSQL Comes to Life

June 18, 2014

One of the development goals for PostgreSQL is expanding parallelism on the server side. Postgres already supports full parallelism in coding on the client side. Developers can write application to open multiple database connections and manage them asynchronously.

Robert Haas, EnterpriseDB chief architect and PostgreSQL major contributor, has been championing the development efforts to expand parallelism to enable Postgres to utilize multiple CPUs and I/O channels.

During the recent PG Con 2014 conference in Ottawa, Robert delivered a presentation on the state of parallelism development today and where it's headed. View the Powerpoint or watch the video of his talk.

For more information on the advanced features that EDB has developed for Postgres, contact us.

Keith Alsheimer is chief marketing officer of EnterpriseDB.

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