Postgres Vision Tokyo 2020 Virtual Event Highlights

October 12, 2020


Enterprise adoption of PostgreSQL is rapidly increasing. Together with PostgreSQL, EDB products are evolving to meet the market needs for cost reduction, vendor neutrality, open technology, data virtualization, and data integration and management. 

We just hosted our first large-scale virtual event in the APJ region, Postgres Vision Tokyo 2020, where we shared the latest information and concrete examples for companies aiming for business innovation using PostgreSQL. The conference sparked a lot of opportunity and excitement over the past week—including dozens of sessions by the world's leading PostgreSQL experts, real-world user stories, the latest PostgreSQL tools and technologies, and groundbreaking innovation in the healthcare field.

Here, we'll recap some highlights from Postgres Vision Tokyo 2020!

Sessions for PostgreSQL Builders

The many extraordinary sessions were really the heart of Postgres Vision Tokyo. Tracks explored the latest technical information on EDB Postgres, including case studies from our partners and solutions that you can immediately apply to your mission-critical operations.

Keynote speakers and special lectures included Ed Boyajian, CEO of EDB; Dr. Kenichiro Shimai from the Department of Medical Safety Management, Hospital Director Planning Office, Chiba University Hospital; and Dr. Naoto Kume, a Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, EHR Joint Research Division.

Some session highlights included product explorations of Postgres Enterprise Manager and Postgres Replicate, EDB's Product Roadmap, insights on the future of containers, and customer stories such as Hitachi's Oracle to PostgreSQL migration journey.


Leading the PostgreSQL Movement

PostgreSQL not only makes sense from a business perspective, but it’s something that developers can wholeheartedly invest in, as well. Because it is truly open and owned by the community that creates it, people can rely on it to be there and be open source. That openness, reliability, and community support is the foundation—and with top-tier support, performance, integration, monitoring, and management, PostgreSQL has everything an enterprise needs to be successful.

Teams everywhere are deploying it on premise, in containers and in the cloud. everyone from database administrators and developers to architects and DevOps managers can use some help to plug in and go faster.

Thanks to all of our speakers, sponsors, attendees, and Postgres community members! This is the revolution, and Postgres is winning. Follow @EDBPostgres for updates—we'd love to have you join the movement and help us keep building!

Learn more about Postgres Vision Tokyo 2020 here, and read on to see how EDB supercharges PostgreSQL



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