Release Radar: BigAnimal Now Supports Cross-Region Restores

March 22, 2022

BigAnimal is EDB’s fully-managed Postgres database in the cloud. With BigAnimal, you can enjoy EDB’s unmatched Postgres expertise combined with the flexibility and scalability of cloud databases.

We’re excited to release a new feature in BigAnimal: support for cross-region restores. 
What are cross-region restores?

The BigAnimal team at EDB is happy to announce that backups can restore to an instance in any supported region. BigAnimal backs up your clusters in Azure Blob Storage; by default, these backups are updated every 5 minutes. When an instance is lost or deleted, its backup can be used to restore the lost data to a new instance. Now, BigAnimal users can enjoy the flexibility and resilience of restoring to a cluster in a different region.

How do cross-region restores benefit BigAnimal customers?

Single-region restores are a perfectly adequate disaster recovery solution in many situations. However, if an entire Azure region becomes unavailable, single-region restores will not be able to get your workloads running again. In these cases, cross-region restores can spin up a new instance in a different region, making them a popular feature for enterprises that prioritize disaster recovery and business continuity. Cross-region restores are also useful for transferring data to new regions and executing various testing scenarios.

Performing a restore

From the BigAnimal portal, you can restore a cluster from the Quick Actions menu on a cluster’s overview page.


Clicking Restore opens a page of options for your new cluster, including full restore vs point-in-time, instance type, and public vs private networking. Don’t forget to select a region in which to deploy your new cluster!

Restore 2

See our docs for more on performing cross-region restores.


Test drive BigAnimal today! Our Quick Start Guide provides everything you need to get the most out of your BigAnimal free trial. 


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