Release Radar: New Projects Feature in BigAnimal

December 21, 2022

We’re excited to announce the launch of Projects on EDB BigAnimal. With Projects you can group EDB BigAnimal clusters together and isolate them from one another within the same organization. 

Projects provide two levels of isolation: 

  • User-level isolation, where you can limit access to clusters in a Project to certain EDB BigAnimal users
  • Environment-level isolation, which ensures that clusters in different Projects never share compute or networking resources 

Each organization can have multiple Projects, with users assigned at the Project level. An individual user can have access to multiple projects, with different roles for each Project if desired. With Projects you can also provision clusters on one or more cloud providers, giving you added flexibility when you’re operating in a multi-cloud architecture.

When you sign in to EDB BigAnimal, your first Project will be automatically created for you. In addition to using the EDB BigAnimal portal, additional Projects can be created using the EDB BigAnimal command line interface and API.

The benefits of this new feature include being able to specify what applications and data are visible and accessible to different users and teams. This gives you more flexibility in how you deploy EDB BigAnimal, as well as an ability to comply with a least privileged access security model so users only have access to specific data, resources and applications needed for their job.


Learn more about how Projects work in EDB BigAnimal by checking out the BigAnimal docs site.


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