Video: PostgreSQL Security Features - Password Profiles

January 05, 2021

A password profile is a named set of password attributes that allow a DBA to easily manage a group of Postgres roles (or users) that share comparable password requirements. Each profile can be associated with one or more users. When a user connects to the server, the server enforces the profile that is associated with the login role. 

Profiles can be used for several important security best practices, including:

  • specifying the number of allowable failed login attempts. 
  • locking an account due to excessive failed login attempts.
  • marking a password for expiration.
  • defining a grace period after a password expiration.
  • defining rules for password complexity, and 
  • defining rules that limit password reuse. 

Watch the video below to learn more!

You can download our whitepaper here to read more about PostgreSQL security best practices.

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