Community 360 and Monitor Only Promotion

Get ultra-responsive PostgreSQL support paired with a 50% discount on EDB Monitor Only!

Because PostgreSQL is open source software, many believe that self-supporting their databases is the only option.

EDB Community 360 provides a circle of support protection for your open source PostgreSQL to reduce unplanned downtime and performance issues. And until Sept 30, 2023, we’re offering a 50% discount on EDB Monitor Only for one year with a Community 360 subscription.*


EDB Monitor Only

 24 x7 insights into nearly 100 key metrics related to the health of your database – in categories like CPU usage, memory usage, database connections, replication, bloat. 

EDB Monitor Only also has an ability to add custom checks which can be specific to your environment.

EDB Community 360

Downtime and performance issues are minimized when you rely on EDB Community 360 to provide around the clock support coverage. 

Experience ultra-responsive support in as fast as 15 minutes by over 110 certified Postgres experts in 17 countries covering all major geographies.

  • Purchase Community 360 support and receive 50% discount off EDB Monitor Only 
  • Minimum Community 360 annual contract: $35,000 
  • Minimum EDB Monitor Only: 4 instances
  • Offer expires September 30, 2023

Need DBA staff in addition to monitoring?  EDB Remote DBA offers expert database management and 24x7 coverage to operate your deployments on prem, in the cloud or a hybrid. 

To learn more about EDB Community 360 PostgreSQL support and receive a 50% discount on EDB’s Monitor-Only contact our EDB sales team today!

*Some restrictions apply. Promotional discount is applied for the first year.