Cleanwise Chooses EnterpriseDB for Cost Savings, Scalability, and High Availability

Date -2009-06-30

Cleanwise Chooses EnterpriseDB for Cost Savings, Scalability, and High Availability


Rapidly Growing Procurement Management Leader Achieves Greater Scalability and Guaranteed-Uptime Reliability, Anticipates 80% Cost Savings


WESTFORD, Mass., June 30, 2009 - EnterpriseDB, the leading enterprise-class open source database company, announced today that Cleanwise, the industry leader in procurement management of not-for-resale janitorial and sanitation supplies, has chosen EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server to complement Cleanwise's existing Oracle deployment. Cleanwise will replicate its Oracle database onto Postgres Plus Advanced Server for order processing, reducing the load on the Oracle database and providing increased scalability and reliability. The company estimates that the EnterpriseDB solution cost only 20% of a comparable Oracle solution. For more information about Postgres Plus Advanced Server, visit

Cleanwise provides its customers with innovative and advanced Web-based (SaaS) procurement, customer relationship management, and supply chain logistics applications for managing thousands of customer locations, customizing product offerings, applying customer-specific spending controls, and integrating with hundreds of vendors. Cleanwise's legacy Oracle database stores approximately 150GB of data and processes 5,000 commercial transactions each day. However, the company's rapid growth caused the database to reach critical capacity thresholds.

To address this issue, Cleanwise designed a two-tiered database architecture in which secondary databases would replicate its primary Oracle database to achieve unlimited scalability and provide high-availability. Like many companies, Cleanwise chose to leverage open source software for cost savings and evaluated the MySQL and PostgreSQL open source databases. During the evaluation, Cleanwise experienced concurrency issues with MySQL and determined it to be unsuitable for mission-critical transactional applications.

Cleanwise chose EnterpriseDB as its PostgreSQL vendor because the company's Postgres Plus Advanced Server database product offers many advantages over community PostgreSQL. Postgres Plus Advanced Server is a commercially licensed superset of PostgreSQL that adds many advanced capabilities, including the ability to run applications written for Oracle. EnterpriseDB also provides automated tools to migrate from Oracle to Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

"Postgres Plus Advanced Server's Oracle compatibility gave us confidence that our initiative to deploy open source databases alongside Oracle would be successful," said Keith Alsheimer, president, Cleanwise. "EnterpriseDB also provides us with enterprise-grade technical support and with industry-standard warranties and indemnification, turning our database investment into a strategic asset."

Cleanwise's existing Oracle application is now running trouble-free on both Oracle and Postgres Plus Advanced Server, and the company considers the two systems to be functionally equivalent. Between two and three man-weeks of effort were required to reach this milestone. Soon, Cleanwise will take the Postgres Plus Advanced Server databases into production, realizing the company's vision for an affordable IT infrastructure with a highly scalable and reliable database layer.

"Cleanwise's strategy to replicate its Oracle database to Postgres Plus Advanced Server is a great example of a recurring EnterpriseDB use case," said Ed Boyajian, chief executive officer, EnterpriseDB. "In this economy, every prudent organization is vigilant about cost containment. Cleanwise and other EnterpriseDB customers demonstrate that open source software can be leveraged to this end, even without the risk and disruption of a 'rip-and-replace' effort."

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