EnterpriseDB Continues PostgreSQL Community Support with Key Hire and Financial Backing

Date -2006-12-05

PostgreSQL Core Team Member Dave Page Joins Development Team; EnterpriseDB Fund to Support Development of PostgreSQL Full-Text Search

ISELIN, N.J., Dec. 5, 2006 – EnterpriseDB, the world&aspos;s largest provider of PostgreSQL-based products and services, announced today that Dave Page, one of only seven PostgreSQL Core Team members, has joined EnterpriseDB as a senior database architect. Page is the project founder and the lead developer of pgAdmin, the premier PostgreSQL GUI, and has been a significant contributor to the packaging and development of the Windows release of PostgreSQL. Bruce Momjian, another of the seven PostgreSQL Core Team members, is also an EnterpriseDB senior database architect.

EnterpriseDB also announced today that the PostgreSQL leadership team has identified the first development project to be financed by the EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL development fund. The fund, established by EnterpriseDB in July 2006 with an initial contribution of $25,000, is used at the discretion of the PostgreSQL leadership team to sponsor development of PostgreSQL features and enhancements. $10,000 of the fund will be invested in the TSearch4 project, which will provide PostgreSQL with full-text search capabilities.

“With the addition of Dave Page, EnterpriseDB furthers its lead as the world&aspos;s best and largest provider of PostgreSQL-based products and services,” said Momjian. “EnterpriseDB is continually looking for new, creative, and mutually beneficial ways to work together with the PostgreSQL community. The financing of the TSearch4 project is evidence that this cooperation is critical to the continued success of both the open source community and the company.”

EnterpriseDB&aspos;s announcements are made on the day of the release of PostgreSQL 8.2, the latest significant upgrade to the open source database. The 8.2 release adds a wide range of frequently requested features, improves online transaction processing (OLTP) by 20%, and delivers manageability comparable to leading proprietary enterprise database systems. Version 8.2 of EnterpriseDB Advanced Server, which will be available in the first quarter of 2007, will include all of the functionality, features, and upgrades contained in PostgreSQL 8.2 in addition to important EnterpriseDB-only features, including Oracle compatibility, database replication, and faster performance.

Finally, EnterpriseDB announced that EnterpriseDB senior database architect and noted PostgreSQL author Korry Douglas will be participating in a panel discussion at the LISA (Large Installation System Administration) 06 conference on December 6 in Washington, D.C. This will be the conference&aspos;s 20th year, and it continues to be the premier forum for presenting new research in system administration.


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