EnterpriseDB Expands Cloud Access to Postgres with New Amazon Products

Date -2014-09-10 Location - BEDFORD, Mass.

New Postgres database options on Amazon Marketplace expand user choice and boost high availability, performance and scalability

EnterpriseDB (EDB), the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class Postgres products and database compatibility solutions, today announced two new Postgres cloud database options on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace. The Postgres deployments create new options for end users and include point-in-time recovery, support for Amazon’s provisioned IOPS and advanced load balancing for greater scalability and performance. 

The new products on AWS Marketplace are Postgres Plus Cloud Database Basic, which features community open source PostgreSQL, and Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced, which features EDB’s flagship database Postgres Plus Advanced Server with database compatibility for Oracle and enhanced performance features. Both are available globally through Amazon Web Services.  

“More and more companies are using our Postgres cloud solution to support mission-critical workloads as well as development and testing. We are seeing users range from global enterprises to savvy Web 2.0 companies operating entirely in the cloud,” said Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Products and Services, at EnterpriseDB. “Our Postgres Plus cloud database solutions provide users with their own private instance and root access for greater security and control over their deployments.” 

Targeting User Needs

By deploying on Amazon Marketplace, EDB can now offer separate cloud database products for PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server and make it easier for end users to choose the database that suits their needs. Both versions of the database provide end users with the portability of accessing the same database in the cloud as in the datacenter, enabling faster application development/deployment cycles. Postgres Plus Advanced Server includes performance, security and manageability enhancements for enterprise-class workloads and it supports applications written for Oracle. 

What’s more, each of the new Postgres database deployments still feature the characteristics unique to EDB’s cloud framework, such as the ability to automatically scale and add additional compute resources as needed in response to fluctuations in demand. A sophisticated management console controls the database according to user-defined thresholds and guides the auto scaling and load balancing. 

New Enterprise-class Features

With the new products, EDB added to its cloud deployments a series of new features, including: 

  • Point-in-time recovery—enhances disaster recovery by enabling end users to restore a database after application or other failure as it was at a specific point in time they can define. 
  • Support for Amazon’s Provisioned IOPS—ensures consistent database performance and increases overall performance for I/O intensive workloads. 
  • Enhanced automated load balancing—ensures consistent operations during spikes in demand for processing power.
  • Support for 11 new Amazon machine types—gives end users more choices in their deployment configurations.

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