EnterpriseDB Joins Coalition for Enterprise Open Source Software for Government

Organization educates the executive branch and congressional stakeholders on the need for increased adoption of enterprise open source solutions at federal agencies

Date -2015-09-22 Location - Bedford, Mass

The CEOSSG is a non-profit member organization founded by Red Hat and Carahsoft Technology Corp., with government relations support provided by Efrus Federal Advisors. The organization is comprised of top-tier open source vendors and affiliated groups that advocate for government agencies to adopt enterprise open source software as an alternative to the free versions of open source solutions.

“Our goal in establishing this coalition is to become the leading industry advocate on Capitol Hill and within the Obama Administration for communicating the benefits associated with the use of enterprise-class open source software solutions,” said Natalie Gregory, vice president of Open Source Solutions at Carahsoft. “The addition of EnterpriseDB to the Coalition helps further our mission to identify and advocate public policy strategies for advancing the notion that enterprise-class open source software solutions should be consistently given fair opportunities to compete in federal information technology acquisitions.”

Government agencies are facing extreme budget pressures and increased scrutiny from Capitol Hill. As a result, every technology related program is being examined for potential cost savings. With this in mind, government CIOs are seeking ways to centralize and optimize existing technologies as well as cut costs. The CEOSSG believes enterprise open source software represents high performing, flexible and scalability solutions for government IT groups. Through its participation in the CEOSSG, EDB will educate members of Congress and the Obama Administration on the value of enterprise open source products in federal agencies.

“As shrinking federal IT budgets place a premium on cutting costs, open source solutions such as EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server are becoming a best-fit solution for government agencies,” said Pierre Fricke, vice president, product management of EDB. “We’re looking forward to working with Congress and the Administration to identify the opportunities and make it easy for government agencies to slash database costs by 80 percent or more and redirect budget to more strategic initiatives like security.”

EDB already has a major presence in government. The number of agencies using EDB Postgres Plus offerings increased 40 percent during 2014, and growth is on pace to exceed that in 2015. Agencies using EDB Postgres include the Federal Aviation Administration and a significant number of agencies within the Department of Defense, including the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, and the Defense Information Systems Agency.

“The Department of Defense’s 2009 memo encouraging the implementation of open source software whenever possible opened the door for a slew of innovative solutions in U.S. government agencies,” said Robert Efrus, founder and CEO of Efrus Federal Advisors, LLC. “We are happy to welcome EnterpriseDB into our organization are confident that together, this group will make strides in lowering costs and increasing innovation in the government sector.”

EDB develops enterprise-class performance, security and compatibility enhancements for PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source relational database. EDB also has developed database compatibility for Oracle to ease migrations and help end users continue to use their Oracle skills and tools.

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