Expert Postgres Developer Andres Freund Joins EnterpriseDB

Date -2017-09-06 Location - BEDFORD, Mass. Freund’s arrival at EDB strengthens the company’s corps of developers that already include some of the most dedicated and influential members of the Postgres Community.

“Andres is one of the leading contributors in the Postgres community and his work has been influential to advancing the replication, performance and scalability capabilities of Postgres,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development and Services. “EDB values the talents of individuals who further the Postgres code base so that users, including our customers, benefit. It’s important to us that developers like Andres have an environment where they can invent and innovate, and we’re thrilled Andres has joined EDB.”

Freund joins EDB from Citus Data, Inc., where he was a Developer and Principal Software Engineer for two and a half years. Prior to that, he was a Developer and Consultant for 2ndQuadrant Ltd. for just over three years. He spent two years as a Developer and Software Architect at Programmfabrik GmbH in Berlin. He also ran his own database consulting company, Freund EDV, for 13 years.

Freund is known in the Postgres community as the primary author of logical decoding, which was introduced in PostgreSQL 9.4 and became the basis for logical replication in Postgres. He has also done major development work to enable Postgres to scale to large systems, especially multi-socket systems. Most recently, for the PostgreSQL 10.0 release, he rewrote Postgres’ entire expression evaluation engine. The result is a significant increase in speed on queries that evaluate a large number of rows.

“EDB plays an important role in the Postgres community through its code development initiatives and advocacy,” said Freund. “I’m pleased to now contribute to those efforts, working alongside EDB developers I’ve known and respected for many years.”

Freund joins a large team of Postgres community developers at EDB. It includes two members of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group Core Team: Bruce Momjian, who is co-founder of the group and an EDB Senior Database Architect; and Dave Page, EDB Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools and Installers. EDB also has multiple Major Contributors, including Robert Haas, Vice President, Chief Database Architect, who is one of the most influential voices in the community. EDB also has a significant number of developers who contribute to Postgres and other related open source projects.    

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