Partners - Liquibase

Liquibase provides database schema change automation designed for high-speed CI/CD. Liquibase accelerates database schema changes, empowers teams to work more collaboratively, and brings stability and control to enterprise deployments.

Powered by open source innovation and supported by the experts who know it best, Liquibase delivers on the promise of CI/CD for the database.

Integrations by Liquibase

Easily track, version, and deploy EDB Postgres Advanced Server schema changes with Liquibase Pro.

Liquibase Pro enables your team to deploy safer, faster, automated database releases across all your environments. Liquibase Pro integrates with most application build and deployment tools to help track, version, and deploy EDB Postgres Advanced Server database changes.

Embeds into your product or the build tools you're already using

  • Easy branching and merging for teams
  • Automatically orders scripts for deployment
  • Enables teams to deploy database changes 80% faster with 94% fewer errors 

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