EDB BigAnimal Postgres-as-a-Service

Fully managed by one of the major contributors to Postgres
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Webinar: Running Postgres in the Cloud: A Walkthrough

Get the only distributed, fully managed, Oracle compatible Postgres database—on every cloud

Unlock high availability with active-active architecture.

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Your Choice Of Cloud

Get up and running quickly in any cloud you choose. Deploy in our cloud account or your own and draw down your cloud service provider commitments.

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Continuous Availability

From pre-production environments to mission-critical applications that cannot go down, choose the availability that’s right for your application.

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Geo-distributed Data

Active-active architecture to meet your business requirements. Deploy clusters across regions or availability zones to achieve configurations with multi-write access.

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The Support you Need - From One of the Builders of Postgres

Be confident you’re in good hands with EDB BigAnimal, a fully managed database built and supported by one of the major contributors to PostgreSQL.

Unmatched Oracle Compatibility

Move your database to the cloud faster with the only Oracle-compatible Postgres-as-a-Service. Reduce application rewrites up to 80%.

Fully Managed Postgres

The development community’s most loved database
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Built For The Way You Work

Develop with the tools you use every day.

APIs, CLI & Terraform

Actual PostgreSQL

Don’t settle for Postgres compatible solutions, get the real thing from one of the leading builders of Postgres.

The Most Tunable Postgres on the Market

We put you in control with the ability to tune up to 97% of available parameters.

Extend Postgres

Take advantage of open source extensions and use EDB extensions to increase scalability and access to data.

Focus on your Application, not Operations

Managed and operated 24/7 by the one of the leading contributors to Postgres.

Get Started Quickly - Choose Any Cloud

Get started online and pay as you go. Deploy on any cloud, in your account or ours.

Get Started with $300 in Free Credits.

Priced with Transparency

Choose the right solution for your budget and business.

Deploy in EDB’s cloud account and pay for the database and infrastructure you consume. Or, deploy in your cloud account, draw down on your cloud commits through infrastructure consumption, and pay EDB for your Postgres usage.

Consumption is based on the database you choose and the cloud infrastructure you select, including compute, storage, and more.

community 360 plan



per vCPU-hour

Approximately $62.49 / vCPU-per month

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EDB Postgres Advanced Server


per vCPU-hour

Approximately $187.46 / vCPU-per month

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EDB Postgres Advanced Server with Distributed High Availability


per vCPU-hour

Approximately $249.95  / vCPU-per month

  • Sign up now and pay as you go, or get discounts with longer term contracts.
  • Deploy in your cloud account and consume committed infrastructure spend you've negotiated with the cloud provider of your choice.
  • Deploy in BigAnimal’s cloud account, pay $1 per infrastructure unit per hour.
  • Purchase EDB BigAnimal via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a monthly, annually, or pay-as-you-go subscription.

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Oracle Migration

Browser-based schema migration tool assesses the complexity of migration projects and produces DDLs for use with EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Oracle Migration Calculator

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