EDB Postgres® AI Cloud Service

Deploy fully managed EDB Postgres in your cloud of choice, with Oracle Compatibility Mode, up to 5X performance, and up to 99.995% availability

Key Benefits


Get to market faster with database-as-a-service

Ensure your builders have quick access to enterprise-ready database environments and can focus on delivering value vs. administrative tasks.

enterprise grade

Deploy enterprise-grade Postgres in any cloud

Unlock Oracle-compatible Postgres in the cloud, with enterprise features — HA, TDE, SQL protection, diagnostics, audit logging, and reporting.


Eliminate downtime for tier 1 and global apps

Run active/active geo-distributed clusters and provide up to 99.995% HA in the cloud, with 5X throughput efficiency for apps that can’t go down.

Key Features

DBaaS in any cloud

Deploy EDB Postgres in the cloud as a fully managed service using EDB Postgres AI to remove the heavy lifting of provisioning and managing databases. Developers have easy, self-service access to dev/test and production environments using a single set of interfaces and can identify potential issues much sooner in the development process, speeding time to market.

Oracle compatibility mode

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service is the only managed cloud solution that makes Postgres work seamlessly with existing written-for-Oracle applications. It supports Oracle-compatible SQL, data types, stored procedures, functions, data dictionary and more. EDB’s migration tooling helps overcome common migration errors and stumbling blocks, converts schemas, and migrates objects and data.

High availability distributed clusters in the cloud

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service supports high availability active/active Postgres Distributed deployments. Leverage Postgres Distributed to build robust, globally distributed applications that process thousands of transactions per second, with up to 99.995% availability and 5X throughput support versus native logical replication.

Postgres security and compliance in the cloud

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service is the only managed Postgres cloud solution offering advanced security features common to commercial databases, including Transparent Data Encryption, audit trail, privilege analysis, and firewall. Compliance-readiness includes GDPR, PCI DSS, and SOC2.

Reporting and diagnostics

With the power of the EDB Postgres AI platform, identify and fix performance issues more rapidly with intelligent observability. Run query diagnostics, get automatic suggestions on performance optimization, and continuously monitor with log analysis. With Postgres Workload Reports, get detailed performance analysis in a format similar to Oracle Automatic Workload Repository reports.


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EDB Postgres AI

EDB Postgres AI is an intelligent platform for transactional, analytical, and AI workloads that meets you wherever you are—on premises or on any cloud, anywhere, and on appliances of choice. Get access to the most flexible, open, and extensible general-purpose database, break data silos, and launch new AI initiatives with the highest assurance of security, compliance, and availability.

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Get full support for open source PostgreSQL with patching, operations, diagnostics, upgrades, performance, and more. Get 24x7x365 global expertise with rapid, follow- the-sun support for critical issues.

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