EDB Postgres Distributed

Achieve best in class high availability for Postgres—on any cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid architecture.
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Always On Postgres with Best-in-Class High Availability

Experience the confidence and security of up to five 9s high availability with EDB Postgres Distributed—available as an add-on to EDB BigAnimalEDB Enterprise Plan and EDB Standard Plan.

High Availability


  • Disaster Recovery—without the heavy lift
  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Advanced Durability Options

Geo-Distributed (Active/Active) Architectures

  • Improved Application Performance
  • Meet Data Sovereignty, Localization, and Residency Requirements
  • Robust Conflict Handling

Evolve Postgres Maintenance and Releases

  • Blue-Green Deployments
  • Canary Deployments
  • Rolling Deployments

Zero Downtime Database,
Always On Business

Ensure operational resiliency, meet data sovereignty regulations, and increase developer productivity by keeping critical apps Always On for engagement and monetization

Enable Rolling Upgrades/ Maintenance

No other Postgres solution enables online major version upgrades and routine maintenance, with near zero application impact.

Keep Critical Apps Running

Highly resilient architecture keeps your mission-critical applications running safely from unplanned infrastructure and database outages.

Distribute Workloads Geographically

Reduce latency, make data geographically available to meet data localization regulations and cyber security requirements.

Automate Failover Across Sites and Regions

Flexible high resiliency architecture provides automated failover across sites and regions with near-zero switch-over time.

Deploy on any Cloud,
On-Premises, or Hybrid

Cross-version compatibility across major software releases of OS, PostgreSQL, and/or EDB Postgres Distributed ensures maximum flexibility.

Run Active-Active Architecture

EDB is the first to market to offer Active-Active replication in hybrid environments. Use the same Postgres everywhere as your business scales.

Why EDB Postgres Distributed

Regulatory requirements, competitive pressures, customer demands and reputational damage are just a few reasons why you cannot risk your database going down—even for a minute.


of data operators have experienced an outage in the past 3 years

Source: Uptime Institute’s Annual Outages Analysis 2023


of outages result in $100,000+ to $1 Million+ in total losses


outages had productivity disruptions of 4+ to 48+ hours

Customers Using Distributed Postgres

clickup logo

SaaS Company ClickUp Uses EDB Postgres Distributed to Achieve Consistent Performance Globally

aci logo

Financial Services Company ACI Worldwide Increases Flexibility and Lowers Costs with Postgres

telegra logo

Telegra Implements EDB Postgres Distributed to Provide High Availability for its Mission Critical Postgres Databases


Linxup Eliminates Downtime, Increases Write Scalability and Charts a Course to the Cloud Backed By EDB Postgres Distributed

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