Say hello to open source freedom and goodbye to vendor lock-in by moving from legacy databases like Oracle to Postgres in the cloud or on prem.



Why EDB Migration Solutions

EDB is easiest way to migrate from Oracle to Postgres. Save time and money and reduce the risk of migration.

As much as


lower cost of database licensing/maintenance


< 20

person-days to migrate schema and data from an Oracle application



of most Oracle Schema translations with EDB Migration Portal

Migration Portal

See what’s needed to migrate your Oracle database to Postgres, and then start the migration by producing DDLs that are compatible with EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Also supported by EDB

Migration Toolkit

A feature-rich command-line tool to migrate tables and data from your DBMS to PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB Migration Tool Comparison


Migration Toolkit

Migration Portal

Subscription Required Yes No
Schema Assessment No Yes
Schema Migration Yes Yes
Data Migration Online and Offline No
Object Type Scope Storage and Code Storage and Code
Object Definition Validation Yes Yes
Source Database Oracle, SQL Server (limited), Sybase (limited), MySQL (limited) Oracle
Source Input Remote connection Uploaded file
Target Database EPAS, PostgreSQL (limited) EPAS
Target Output Remote connection or direct to file Remote connection or direct to file
Volume Multiple schemas Multiple schemas
DDL output Yes, with DDL or data only Yes
DDL Workarounds Limited error handling and workarounds Repair handlers to “fix” DDL or errors with knowledge base for manual fixes
Tool Interface CLI GUI

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EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Enterprise-ready, Oracle-compatible PostgreSQL.

migration portal

Migration Portal

Our browser-based schema migration tool assesses the complexity of migration projects and produces DDLs for use with EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

migration toolkit

Migration Toolkit

Migrate tables and data from your DBMS to Postgres or EDB Postgres Advanced Server with our feature-rich command line tool.


Replication Server

Replicate data between PostgreSQL databases or from non-PostgreSQL databases to PostgreSQL.



Fully managed Postgres in the cloud 

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