Financial Leader Accelerates Trading Application Rollout with EDB BigAnimal on Azure Cloud

Key Takeaways

  • Business-critical trading app launch accelerated on fully managed EDB Postgres technology running on Microsoft Azure cloud
  • EDB’s disaster recovery and backup capabilities and PostgreSQL contributions viewed as differentiators over Microsoft and AWS Postgres approaches
  • Provided flexible CPU and storage options at reduced cost



  • Financial Services


This investment services leader has enjoyed sustained growth across the last decade, with more than $500 billion in assets under management.

The company offers wide-ranging financial services to their institutional and individual investors, relying on a fintech environment that includes use of open source PostgreSQL.


The company was preparing to add an online trading application to expand their client service portfolio, and the software architect team managing the launch had a few essential application priorities for this high-profile project:

  • They wanted the trading app to run on PostgreSQL operating in the cloud
  • Use of PostgREST API to build the application was a key requirement
  • PostgreSQL expertise and support were prioritized for any vendor solution identified for this project

While the trading application would not involve high data volumes, a flexible, scalable Postgres database platform was needed to support app performance. In their early-stage search for potential Postgres vendors, the software architects initially approached AWS and Microsoft.


During their initial vendor review cycles, the software architect team also consulted with the company’s R&D and cloud architect teams, who unanimously identified EDB as the company’s go-to Postgres vendor. 

When they subsequently met with EDB for the first time, the software architect team had one main question:

“Why should we select EDB for this project versus AWS or Microsoft Azure Postgres solutions?”

In response, EDB focused on their open source PostgreSQL community contributions  rather than pitching vendor technology. Convinced that EDB offered the Postgres expertise needed for this project, the software architect team selected fully managed EDB BigAnimal Postgres on Microsoft Azure cloud to run their new trading application. BigAnimal also addressed the company’s requirement for use of PostgREST API in building the trading application. 

In providing financial services application developers with an Oracle-compatible Postgres database environment that fosters their productivity, EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) was deployed on BigAnimal. 

The company was so convinced of EDB’s Postgres expertise, that they also selected BigAnimal and EPAS to support database operations for their Research & Development teams.


With EDB, the company realized greater flexibility in selecting back-end hardware and compute power that met their Postgres database performance and scalability requirements in ways that Microsoft’s Azure Flex Server and AWS Postgres approaches could not, all at a reduced cost in their production application and R&D environments. 


The company’s clients will enjoy reliable access to the high-performing trading application, with EDB providing Postgres technology backup and disaster recovery features that were unavailable in competitive approaches running in the cloud.

The software architect and R&D teams receive the extended benefit of developing applications in an Oracle-compatible Postgres environment running on Azure cloud.

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