5 Tenets for Your 2022 Database Management Plan

2022 database planning is top of mind for everyone. This webinar will review key tenets to consider when planning your optimal database(s) for application development. We will discuss cloud independence, scaling and high availability (HA), and assessing employee skills to support IT initiatives.

Get tips on choosing the right DBMS and the benefits of adopting PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres.

Key takeaways include:

- Pros and cons of cloud independence
- How the DBMS can help you achieve five 9s of availability
- Open source adoption and optimization, with the open source community as a “force multiplier"
- The value of a fully supported database as a service
- How PostgreSQL can be your strategic database platform and partnering with EDB to get the most out of it

Carl Olofson, Research Vice President, Data Management Software IDC industry research
Marc Linster, CTO, EDB

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