So many Options, but which Postgres is Right for You? 1/3

Are you asking yourself which Postgres solution will give you what you need?

If you are unsure, which Postgres is right for you, rest assured that others have faced the same challenge. Based on our work with other Postgres users we have developed a guide providing you with the pros and cons of various Postgres solutions so that you can make an educated decision. 

During this series of 3 webinars Sandra Wiecki, Director Product Marketing, will present the following scenarios based on usage profiles and the technical and business risks involved:

  • PostgreSQL without commercial support
  • Creating your own PostgreSQL fork
  • PostgreSQL with a consulting partner
  • EDB Postgres Standard
  • EDB Postgres Enterprise

In this series of webinars, you'll learn how to decide which level of tooling and support is appropriate for your particular use case.

These presentations are intended for decision-makers and IT leaders who are in the process of evaluating PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres. The knowledge of differences between the solutions discussed will assist in selecting the right database to support your current operations and plans for growth.