Kubernetes and Postgres

We built decades of Postgres deployment experience into our Kubernetes operator, and we were the first Postgres company to be recognized as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

Run Postgres. The Kubernetes way.

CloudNativePG is the open source Kubernetes operator, originally created by EDB, that covers the full life cycle of a highly available Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture, using native streaming replication.

Interactive Docs

Try EDB Postgres for Kubernetes without having to install anything. Our interactive demo runs right in the browser.

Postgres on Kubernetes or VMs: A Guide & Framework for Running Databases the Best Way

Develop Cloud-Native Apps on Kubernetes with Postgres

Why EDB Chose Immutable Application Containers

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

Kubernetes Operator and Container Images

Leveraging cloud native Postgres, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes adds speed, efficiency and protection for your infrastructure modernization.

Why EDB?