Mission-critical Postgres® solutions for cloud-native Kubernetes environments

EDB Postgres AI brings automation, smooth Day 2 operations, and a self-healing architecture to Postgres deployments on Kubernetes. Accelerate application development and modernization with microservices using an enterprise-grade k8s operator for Postgres.

EDB Postgres AI

EDB Postgres AI is an intelligent platform for transactional, analytical, and AI workload operations in your cloud-native Kubernetes environments.

Kubernetes accelerates the future — but also introduces complexity that can slow you down.

Running enterprise databases in cloud-native Kubernetes infrastructure can help accelerate app development and modernization. It can also introduce management complexity, operational overhead, and disruptive downtime that slow the pace of innovation.

Deployment complexity

Infrastructure teams manage many different systems at scale. Introducing a new database only adds to the complexity. Platform engineers need solutions that are Day 2-ready, with cloud-native tooling and easy CI/CD integration.

Operational overhead

Smooth Day 2 operations when running Postgres on Kubernetes requires knowledge and expertise of both container and database technology. Consistent operations can be hampered by human error and lack of expertise.

Costly downtime

Mission-critical applications require data that is consistent, compliant, and complete — without sacrificing performance. Distributed databases are a good solution for high availability, but also introduce a lot of operational complexity.

EDB delivers continuous high availability for the highest confidence in your data-intensive workloads.

Cloud-native automation

Automate database administration across regions and distributed cluster operations. Deploy, manage, and monitor Postgres and streamline operational workflows tasks using declarative configuration with the Kubernetes API.

Consistent operations

With the EDB Postgres Distributed for Kubernetes operator, you can implement best practices for a variety of workloads, informed by EDB’s deep Postgres expertise, eliminating human error for a consistent deployment of data services.


Self-healing architecture

Automate recovery and rejoin of failed Postgres nodes, removing operational overhead associated with manually restarting nodes. Quickly restore functionality with failover, switchover, backup, recovery, and rolling upgrades.

Customer success story: SAS

SAS Deploys and Operationalizes an Enterprise Postgres Database With Help From EDB

Postgres AI for Kubernetes: The challenges you’ll face and the outcomes you can deliver with EDB


Postgres for Kubernetes workloads architecture

Key features of the EDB solution

If you're implementing a Postgres AI for Kubernetes workload, the following EDB features will help you achieve the business outcomes you want:

Deployment flexibility

Ready to deploy in your preferred cloud-native environment. Run on premises, in public cloud providers, and as a managed cloud service. Fully supported for Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Power, and z/Linux.

Monitoring and observability

Enhanced diagnostics using EDB Postgres AI empower strategic decision-making, helping ensure optimal performance and uptime. Built-in Prometheus exporter and native integration with infrastructure log management.

Enterprise-grade security

Deploy any application with confidence, using security technologies like Transparent Data Encryption, audit trail, privilege analysis, and firewall support.

Key EDB products for Postgres for Kubernetes workloads

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes

Add speed, efficiency, and protection for your k8s infrastructure modernization, with an enterprise-grade operator for Postgres. Bring automation, security, and reliability to cloud-native data infrastructure.

EDB Postgres Distributed for Kubernetes

Deploy self-healing PGD clusters with extreme high availability in cloud-native environments, including across multiple regions. Achieve up to 99.999% uptime with active/active architectures.


Leverage an open source operator for automating the deployment and management of Postgres in Kubernetes. Full commercial support is available from EDB experts. Achieve high availability with a primary-standby architecture using native streaming replication.