LiveCompare 2.1 release notes v2

Released: Mar 31 2022

LiveCompare 2.1 includes the following new features, bug fixes, and other changes:

FeatureSupport for EDB Postgres Distributed 4.LIV-131
FeatureNew setting min_time_between_heart_beats, which tells LiveCompare to log the comparison progress at every heart beat, by default set to 30 seconds using the INFO log level.LIV-128
FeatureNew settings comparison_cost_limit and comparison_cost_delay that, when greater than 0, tell each worker to take a nap of comparison_cost_delay seconds (for example, 0.5) after processing comparison_cost_limit number of rows.LIV-16
ChangeDefault value for parallel_chunk_rows set to 0, which disables table splitting by default, as recent investigation proved to cause performance decrease for general use cases. For more information, see Compare mode.LIV-130
ChangeDemoted to DEBUG the log message about the number of processed rows from CanAdvanceCursors method.LIV-129
Bug fixFixed an issue for Oracle versus Postgres comparisons of the timestamp(6) data type where failing with ORA-01830.LIV-127