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When it comes to PostgreSQL, we’ve got you covered

Our customers use EDB's versatile technology for a wide range of applications, benefiting from our deep commitment and contributions to the PostgreSQL community.


Migrate from legacy databases

Manage costs moving legacy databases like Oracle to PostgreSQL

Use Case: Oracle Migration

Move to the cloud

Replatform to cloud and containers more efficiently

Use Case: Hybrid Cloud

Build new applications

Develop new applications that are more scalable and secure

Solutions for Developers

PostgreSQL is a team sport, we help you win

In today’s reality of distributed teams and diverse stakeholders, even the best teams need help. EDB’s customized services and best practices, drawn on decades of deployment experience, can augment your team’s PostgreSQL skills.


PostgreSQL Support

Our experienced support engineers, backed up by some of the world’s leading PostgreSQL contributors, are available 24x7 to help you resolve technical issues.


Remote DBA and Cloud DBA Services

Our DBAs support your applications on premises and in the cloud. Cost-effective manpower with around-the-clock management and monitoring when you need it.


Professional Services

Our PostgreSQL experts provide migration, implementation and operation, strategy services, and more to help you tailor PostgreSQL to your organization.


Training and Certification

Access comprehensive PostgreSQL training, created and delivered by PostgreSQL experts. Training modules designed for DBAs, architects, developers, data analysts, and more.

One PostgreSQL, on premises and in the cloud

Regardless of where you want to deploy PostgreSQL, we can help you maintain consistency across your deployments, giving you greater control over your database environments.


Public Cloud


Private Cloud



Use Case: Hybrid / Multi-cloud

What’s trending in PostgreSQL

Hone your PostgreSQL skills and stay updated on the latest best practices to solve the most tricky as well as the most common PostgreSQL issues.


Postgres Pulse

Weekly Q&A and insights from PostgreSQL experts


PostgreSQL Tutorials

Get PostgreSQL tips, tricks, and advanced how-tos


EDB Blog

Industry news, thought leadership, and perspectives

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