Partner Benefits

Partnering with EDB enables you to provide your customers with products, services, and support options to get the most out of PostgreSQL.

Why partner with EDB?

PostgreSQL is more than just database technology. It’s a movement built on a commitment to accelerate innovation. EDB has established itself as a leading technology company to help enterprises realize the potential and value of PostgreSQL in their busines

Predictable Revenue Streams

A consistent and predictable environment to invest in and open additional revenue streams through upsell, cross-sell, services and consultancy revenue

Training and Certification

FREE high-quality product training and certification programs


Opportunities for you to earn progressive rewards for your revenue attainment, investment, and loyalty to EDB

EDB GlobalConnect Partner Program

A multi-level program offering financial and non-financial rewards to dedicated partners. As a partner in the program, our commitments to you are clear; as your commitment grows, the program benefits increase to develop the partners


in partners who are dedicated to representing and leading their DBMS offering with EDB solutions


partners with the knowledge, resources and incentives to drive increased profitability and to successfully sell EDB solutions


partners who invest the time to learn about EDB solutions and actively engage in developing and closing new and existing customer opportunities

GlobalConnect Partner Program Requirements and Benefits

As an EDB Partner you will receive marketing, sales and training benefits specifically designed to help you with the marketing and selling of EDB products and services. As your tier progresses, so do your benefits.