EDB Platform Tools and Services

EDB provides integrated tooling and web services to manage critical enterprise requirements for AI, analytics, and transactional data. Access security tools such as transparent data encryption (TDE) as well as backup and recovery solutions like Barman.

Key Benefits


Enterprise-grade tools

Enhance security, compliance, performance, and availability to ensure Postgres® is ready for mission-critical workloads.

Secure supply chain

Increase assurance with a secure open source supply chain. Use only trusted repositories for PostgreSQL extensions, with full commercial support.

Deeply Integrated

Leverage native tooling for EDB Postgres, community PostgreSQL, and EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service, depending on your needs.

Key Features


Rapidly identify and fix Postgres performance issues through intelligent monitoring with query diagnostics and automatic optimization suggestions. Get end-to-end visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud data estates with a single pane of glass to monitor and optimize Postgres databases.

High availability

Deliver up to 99.999% uptime for mission-critical applications with high availability deployments. Eliminate downtime during maintenance and upgrades, while preserving data consistency with advanced conflict management using Raft consensus. Simplify database management with rolling upgrades, enabling cost-effective and highly available Postgres deployments.


Achieve “supply chain security” by obtaining open source PostgreSQL extensions like Barman from trusted EDB repositories, with full commercial support. Enable transparent data encryption to protect any user data in the database system, providing commercial database security for open source Postgres.

Backup and recovery

Seamlessly integrate with diverse storage backends to facilitate efficient data protection and restoration, and efficiently support incremental backups with advanced techniques like deduplication and compression. Gain scalability and reliability for managing backups in environments with large data volumes, ensuring streamlined operations and swift recovery.


Easily integrate with common frameworks using connectors and connection poolers. Extend PostgreSQL versatility with Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs), enabling seamless interaction with diverse data sources like MongoDB, MySQL, and Hadoop for scalable federated data access.


Modernize from legacy databases including Oracle with web and command line tools that automate up to 95% of schema translation, including compatible DDL statements. Get guided assistance in migrating data and objects, and AI-driven error resolution for common migration stumbling blocks.

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EDB Postgres AI

EDB Postgres AI is an intelligent platform for transactional, analytical, and AI workloads that meets you wherever you are—on premises or on any cloud, anywhere, and on appliances of choice. Get access to the most flexible, open, and extensible general-purpose database, break data silos, and launch new AI initiatives with the highest assurance of security, compliance, and availability.

EDB Services and Support

Get full support for open source PostgreSQL with patching, operations, diagnostics, upgrades, performance, and more. Get 24x7x365 global expertise with rapid, follow- the-sun support for critical issues.

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