Run enterprise-grade Postgres® anywhere, on any cloud, from edge to core.

Take Postgres workloads from experimental to essential with hardened security, support, and compliance tools to help you standardize with Postgres across your enterprise.​

EDB Postgres AI

EDB Postgres AI is an intelligent platform for transactional, analytical, and AI workloads that meets you wherever you are—on premises or on any cloud, anywhere, and on appliances of choice. Get access to the most flexible, open, and extensible general-purpose database, break data silos, and launch new AI initiatives with the highest assurance of security, compliance, and availability.

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Enterprise-grade Postgres workload architecture


Can you really afford to settle for 'good enough' when it comes to your data?

Security and compliance

Out-of-the-box PostgreSQL lacks enterprise-grade requirements, including data encryption, compliance readiness, observability, access management, query performance enhancement, and professional support.

Mission-critical, Tier 1 app requirements

Cloud failures, latency from data localization issues, complex replication leading to data loss, and other challenges threaten the integrity and uptime of your most critical applications.

Complex management

Organizations require database solutions that are robust from Day 2, equipped with cloud-native tools, seamless CI/CD integration, versatile deployment choices, and managed services to minimize operational burdens.

Unlock even more value from the open source database you know and love.

Safe, secure, supported

Benefit from round-the-clock expert support from the creators of PostgreSQL. Deploy robust database solutions with open source flexibility and enhanced enterprise features—data encryption, compliance readiness, observability, access management, and boosted query performance.

Day 2 ready

Serve your most demanding application requirements, including in distributed clusters with the highest availability (99.999% uptime), and up to 5X throughput efficiency, across hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments.

Automation and managed services

EDB Postgres AI ensures your developers have quick access to enterprise-ready environments and the ability to deploy, manage, and monitor all Postgres databases using a common set of interfaces (GUI, CLI, and DevOps tooling) across hybrid and multi-cloud.

Enterprise-grade Postgres: The challenges you'll face and the outcomes you can deliver with EDB


Key features of the EDB solution

If you're implementing an enterprise-grade Postgres workload, the following EDB features will help you achieve the business outcomes you want:

EDB Postgres Distributed

Deploy in geo-distributed clusters, even across multi-cloud environments, to provide the highest availability (99.999%), with 5x throughput efficiency.

Security and Compliance Suite

The only Postgres solution with advanced security features common to commercial databases, including Transparent Data Encryption, audit trail, privilege analysis, and firewall. Compliance-readiness includes SOC2, GDPR, and PCI DSS


Expert Support and Lifecycle Management

Includes database fixes and patches, installation and upgrade support,

Postgres Performance

EDB’s unmatched Postgres experts have fine-tuned the engine to squeeze the most out of Postgres, with features like Wait States, SQL Profiler, and Index advisor that can drive 5X throughput efficiency. See the performance difference.

Key EDB products for enterprise-grade Postgres workloads

EDB Postgres Extended

An enterprise Postgres server with PostgreSQL SQL parity, plus mission critical features including advanced replication, high availability, security, and performance diagnostics. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server

An enterprise Postgres server with Oracle compatibility, plus mission critical features including advanced replication, high availability, security, diagnostics, and reporting. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

PostgreSQL commercial support

Get full support for open source PostgreSQL with patching, operations, diagnostics, upgrades, performance, and more. Get 24x7x365 global expertise with rapid follow the sun support for critical issues.

EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service

Fully managed EDB Postgres in your cloud of choice, where EDB handles deployment, monitoring, high availability, replication, backups, encryption, and more. Deploy in public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP).


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