[AUDIO BLOG] Making the Postgres Move - Part 3: Get the Most Out of Postgres with Enterprise Support

February 01, 2023
Postgres Elephant Leads Business Man to Oasis

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This is Part 3 of our Making the Postgres Move audio blog series, where we discuss the nuances, challenges and best strategies for Oracle to Postgres migration.

In our previous two audio blogs, we shared the benefits of migrating from Oracle to Postgres and the key steps to a successful migration. In this last post of the series, we’ll discuss why leveraging enterprise-grade support will help you get the most out of PostgreSQL.

Without enterprise-grade support for PostgreSQL, you might find your teams scrambling to find the answers to a problem they don’t fully understand, fix a problem that’s a hassle to manage without the proper expertise or deal with questions from all of the teams who suddenly can’t access their most mission critical tools. And while this is happening, you’re losing revenue and customer trust.

With enterprise-grade support you can both de-risk your PostgreSQL database and achieve greater innovation with the help of a team of experts who built PostgreSQL from the beginning. You get: 

  • An Always-On database: Experience a PostgreSQL database that’s available 24/7 via support that offers unlimited fixes and advice from those who know PostgreSQL inside and out. This expertise reinforces your database and your business at every turn.
  • A true connection to the open source PostgreSQL community: Whether you want to leverage enterprise Postgres or Community PostgreSQL, enterprise-grade support ensures you have a direct connection to those who build and maintain your database. Your freedom, flexibility and control over your infrastructure comes first and foremost—plus, you get hands-on insight about upgrades and integrations!
  • A PostgreSQL experience that empowers every member of your organization: Whether you’re a developer, DBA, or IT manager, enterprise-grade support ensures that you have tailored resources and guidance to help you achieve mission-critical goals.

You invested in an Oracle-to-Postgres migration to modernize your business, to cut costs and to experience the full potential of what a database can offer. Enterprise Postgres support not only protects that investment, but enhances it. Visit our site to learn more about EDB Community 360—EDB’s full circle of protection for PostgreSQL. Thanks for listening! 


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