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EDB enables the same Postgres everywhere from self-managed to fully managed DBaaS in the cloud.

You Can Rely on EDB

Nearly 1,500 customers worldwide have chosen EDB software, services, and support. We’re proud to serve some of the world’s leading financial services, government, media & communications, and information technology organizations. With offices worldwide, we're able to deploy our global expertise locally and support our customers more efficiently.

Kevin Dallas, CEO EDB

EDB Builds and Supports Postgres to Align Your Most Strategic Priorities

App Modernization - Building new applications in the cloud while supporting mission-critical applications

TCO Reduction- Superior economics compared to legacy, proprietary databases, and migration tools to transition off Oracle

Cloud Transition- Ability to deploy PostgreSQL on Azure and AWS, support for hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Tech/Talent Alignment- Combined, Postgres is the most loved, wanted and used database technology, meaning a vast and growing pool of talent

Mitigated Risk- Ensuring uptime and performance of mission-critical applications, privacy and security

Customer Satisfaction- Available, reliable and secure databases are essential to customer retention and providing customers with the experience they deserve

More than 1,500 organizations work with EDB to get the most out of Postgres.

Enterprises and governments around the globe trust EDB to harness the full power of Postgres. With unmatched expertise, EDB ensures high availability, reliability, security, 24x7 global support and advanced professional services, both on premises and in the cloud, to help you control risk, manage costs and scale efficiently. As a leading contributor to the growing Postgres community, EDB is committed to driving technology innovation.

As your organization grows, you need strong strategies for the technologies you bet on. Postgres delivers superior technology, powered by a thriving, vibrant and fast-growing community. To accelerate your Postgres journey, and to run Postgres as your enterprise database standard, you need EDB. EDB is the heartbeat of Postgres, with hundreds of technologists and developers, and more open source contributions to Postgres than any other company. EDB drives innovation, with enterprise-class software and services that enable businesses and governments globally to harness the full power of Postgres, the world’s leading database.

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Run Postgres Everywhere

Flexible deployment options to fit the needs of your enterprise—on prem, in the cloud or hybrid

Fully Managed Postgres in the Cloud

With EDB BigAnimal, you will be free to focus on your business innovation while EDB drives your database success

Subscription Plans to Meet your Needs

Self-managed postgres plans or fully managed Postgres in the cloud with EDB BigAnimal