Fully Managed Postgres in the Cloud

Cloud providers bring infrastructure. EDB brings Postgres expertise. Get the best of both worlds with EDB BigAnimal.

With EDB BigAnimal, you’re free to focus on your business innovation while we focus on your database

Break free from the worry of database management. Imagine a world where storage and backups, high availability, upgrades, and security are all taken care of automatically. A world where you're free to focus on what really matters to your business. That’s the power of fully managed Postgres as a Service.

EDB BigAnimal

As the only fully managed cloud database service with industry-leading Oracle compatibility, EDB BigAnimal makes it easy to leverage everything the cloud has to offer. Think big, rest easy and achieve your biggest cloud dreams.

A Fully Managed Postgres Database

Experience the power of Postgres and focus on building your business — not on database management and maintenance. Let us do the dirty work for you.

Oracle Compatibility

EDB Postgres Advanced Server interprets, translates, and natively mimics Oracle drivers, Oracle code and Oracle queries. Keep your code. Advance your business.

Supported by the Postgres Leaders

EDB is responsible for 30% of all Postgres development. With EDB supporting your Postgres database-as-a-service, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re receiving the best support.


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Community 360 Plan


Per vCPU-hour
Approx. $63 per core per month

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Standard Plan


per vCPU-hour
Approx. $120 per core per month

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Enterprise Plan


per vCPU-hour
Approx. $187 per core per month

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 Oracle SQL compatible functions and syntax

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EDB BigAnimal

Fully managed Postgres in the cloud



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