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:EDB Community 360 Plan

Your circle of protection for Community PostgreSQL

De-risk PostgreSQL with enterprise support

PostgreSQL is one of the most loved and advanced open source database systems in the world. Why? It has proven to be easy to learn, reliable, stable, scalable and secure. But when you are running a large enterprise and want to use PostgreSQL for revenue, customer, or regulatory impacting projects, you need to make sure your team and your business are supported and protected.

The EDB Community 360 Plan enables IT, Transformation and Technology teams to maximize all the freedom, flexibility and community contribution they love about PostgreSQL, without worry. This EDB plan is a circle of protection designed to support your organization as it :

  • Manages large and complex data sets
  • Moves from legacy databases
  • Builds mission-critical applications
  • Modernizes your data infrastructure
  • And more

With the EDB Community 360 Plan, you get the expertise that you can’t get anywhere else. Your organization will have the largest and most experienced contributor to PostgreSQL at your service.

EDB has more PostgreSQL contributors than any other company


PostgreSQL Contributors


PostgreSQL Major Contributors


PostgreSQL Committers


PostgreSQL Core Members

Extend capabilities with cost-effective expertise

This plan’ s circle of protection includes

  • Break/fix support
  • 24/7 access to EDB’s global technical support team
  • Expert guidance and troubleshooting
  • Industry-leading remedy goals
  • No legacy vendor lock-in
  • Access to the Knowledge Base in EDB Customer Support Portal

Need more?

Extend the EDB circle of protection through our Remote DBA services. Your team will get specialized support that feels like they have a dedicated DBA working from sunup to sundown to ensure your Postgres success:

  • Proactive management from certified Postgres DBAs
  • 24x7 monitoring and active resolution to alerted issues
  • Robust administration services for on-premises and cloud database instances
  • Database tuning for performance optimization and delivery of ongoing reports of environment health and administration activities
  • Certified systems engineers who will collaborate with you on capacity planning, as well as strategy for point-in-time recovery, replication, partitioning, dev/test environment setups, user and security configuration and more
More about Remote DBA

Subscription plans

EDB Community 360 Plan

Leverage the full power of Community PostgreSQL with EDB’s circle of protection