We’re Postgres Experts

We’ve been major contributors to PostgreSQL since the beginning, and we are proud to call thousands of boundary pushing customers our partners. Proud though we are, we are not resting on our laurels. There’s plenty of work to do. The good news is that everything we do will impact PostgreSQL, which is to say that it will impact the world.

We are meaningful contributors to the PostgreSQL project and the PostgreSQL ecosystem.

A few of the popular projects to which we've recently contributed


The latest and greatest version of PostgreSQL.


The most popular administration and development platform for PostgreSQL.


Leading Backup & Recovery Tool


Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL.


Manages replication and failover of PostgreSQL clusters.

pgPool II

Connection pooling, load balancing, and replication.

Run Postgres. The Kubernetes way.


CloudNativePG is the open source Kubernetes operator, originally created by EDB, that covers the full life cycle of a highly available Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture, using native streaming replication.

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PostgreSQL 15

Our latest on what this release means for PostgreSQL.

Postgres 15 is Here

Shaping the Future of Postgres: A Look at EDB's Major Contributions Over the Years

PostgreSQL® 15 Reflects EDB’s Significant History as Leading Contributor

Passionate About Customers

Our PostgreSQL experts build software and deliver services for customers worldwide, and have been at it longer than any other company in the world.

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SAS Deploys and Operationalizes an Enterprise Postgres Database With Help From EDB

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Fortuna Entertainment Group Remains Always On, Secure and Highly Extensible with Postgres and EDB

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Why Mastercard's Secret to Zero Downtime is Postgres

We Have More PostgreSQL Contributors Than Any Other Company


PostgreSQL Contributors


PostgreSQL Major Contributors


PostgreSQL Committers


PostgreSQL Core Members

Why EDB?

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Leave Oracle for PostgreSQL

Software & services for your migration journey

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High Availability for PostgreSQL

Clustered PostgreSQL for five 9's

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Postgres for Kubernetes

Containerized Postgres that runs anywhere