[Infographic] Shaping the Future of Postgres: A Look at EDB's Major Contributions Over the Years

December 01, 2022

Why has Postgres endured and is now winning in the race for business transformation over proprietary legacy databases like Oracle? It has been built on and improved for decades by forward-thinking contributors that believe in the lasting power of open source.

Since 2006, the EDB team has more than 30% of major Postgres features, making us the leading innovator driving enterprise-ready Postgres forward.

Because a picture tells a thousand words, we compiled an infographic detailing how EDB has improved Postgres over the years. One of our most exciting developments was introducing the MERGE command this year, which makes it easier for enterprises to migrate from expensive, legacy databases to open source (version 15 of Postgres). We also improved database security features, enhanced backup and recovery options and more. Check out the infographic below to see our full history of Postgres contributions.


Watch this video highlighting our Postgres contributions to learn more:

EDB builds Postgres, alongside a vibrant independent community. You have direct access to the people shaping the direction of the technology. 

This is your chance to shape the future of open source technology.

Want to learn more? Just reach out!

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