Overdeliver for your global user base. Support the most demanding applications—anywhere, any time.

Deploy multi-region clusters with five-nines availability to guarantee that data is consistent, timely, and complete, even during disruptions. This means an enhanced user experience and extended system capacity to deliver what you do best, whenever and wherever you operate.​

EDB Postgres® AI

EDB Postgres AI is an intelligent platform for transactional, analytical, and AI workloads that meets you wherever you are—on premises or on any cloud, anywhere, and on appliances of choice. Active/active architecture, conflict resolution via Raft-based consensus, and data loss protection help ensure business continuity and protect against unplanned outages.

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You’re scaling to meet the needs of a global user base. Is your database prepared to scale with you?

Data locality and latency

Managing multiple databases in multiple regions requires that data is consistent, compliant and complete, without sacrificing performance.

Regional policies and regulations

Serving a global user base demands strict adherence to diverse regional policies, regulations, and differences to ensure seamless operations.

Zero tolerance for disruptions and outages

Routine maintenance and regional cloud outages can interrupt business operations and deteriorate the user experience. 

EDB delivers continuous high availability for the highest confidence in your data-intensive workloads.

Extended system capacity

​​​​​5x data replication performance and 99.999% availability means you can over-deliver on user expectations and build robust, globally distributed applications that process thousands of transactions per second. 


Compliance and critical infrastructure performance

Meet data locality, sovereignty, and localization requirements while also meeting recovery time objectives, service level objectives, service level agreements, and recovery point objectives.

Guaranteed business and data continuity

Active/Active architecture, Raft-based conflict prevention, robust conflict detection and resolution, and data loss protection help ensure that data remains up to date and complete even when disruptions occur.

Geo-distributed, extreme high availability: The challenges you'll face and the outcomes you can deliver with EDB


Geo-distributed, extreme high availability workload architecture



Key features of the EDB solution

If you're implementing a geo-distributed workload, the following EDB features will help you achieve the business outcomes you want:

Always-on architecture

With synchronous multi-region replication

Active-active redundancy

Guarantee that data remains current, even in the event of system failures.

Automated failover and disaster recovery

Automatically redirects traffic to functional servers to keep applications running and minimize the risk of data loss.

Postgres maintenance support

Perform full version upgrades with little downtime and maintenance

Data replication within and across regions

Deploy in geo-distributed clusters, even across multi-cloud environments, to provide the highest availability (99.999%), with 5x throughput efficiency.

Key EDB products for geo-distributed, high-availability workloads

EDB Postgres Extended

An enterprise Postgres server with PostgreSQL SQL parity, plus mission-critical features including advanced replication, high availability, security, and performance diagnostics. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server

An enterprise Postgres server with Oracle compatibility, plus mission-critical features including advanced replication, high availability, security, diagnostics, and reporting. Deploy as DBaaS, self-managed, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

PostgreSQL commercial support

Get full support for open source PostgreSQL with patching, operations, diagnostics, upgrades, performance, and more. Get 24x7x365 global expertise with rapid follow the sun support for critical issues.


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