EDB Postgres® Distributed

Gain the highest confidence in your data-intensive workloads, with up to 99.999% uptime and 5X throughput performance vs. native logical replication.

Key Benefits

Eliminate downtime for tier 1 and global apps

Run Postgres in active/active geo-distributed clusters and provide up to 99.999% HA, with 5X throughput efficiency for apps that can’t go down.

Deploy continuous HA Postgres with flexibility

Support geo-distributed apps regardless of where data is hosted: on-premises, on any cloud, on Kubernetes, and with hybrid and multi-cloud support.

Build robust, globally distributed Postgres apps

Process thousands of transactions per second, without a hitch, to over-deliver on your user expectations. Meet regional data sovereignty requirements.

Key Features

Hybrid, multi-cloud flexibility

EDB Postgres Distributed is available for PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres Advanced Server, and EDB Postgres Extended, for both self-managed and DBaaS deployments, and for Kubernetes environments.

Unplanned outages protection

EDB Postgres Distributed uses an active/active architecture, conflict resolution via Raft-based consensus, and data loss protection to ensure apps and data are available, where and when they’re needed. Avoid application impact even during maintenance windows and version upgrades. Achieve high resilience architectures with automated failover across sites and regions.

High availability distributed clusters in the cloud

Running EDB Postgres Distributed on EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service supports high availability active/active geo-distributed deployments. Leverage EDB Postgres Distributed to build robust, globally distributed applications that process thousands of transactions per second, with up to 99.999% availability and 5X throughput support versus native logical replication.

Simplified regulatory compliance

EDB Postgres Distributed allows you to implement controls in multi-region clusters to replicate data selectively where necessary, easing compliance with regulations including SOC2, GDPR, and PCI DSS, and helping to meet regional data sovereignty requirements.


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